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  1. I started using armbian yesterday, I am really having fun. So I share my driver experience for rtl8821CU... To get my CUDY WU650 to work, I had to download rtl8821CU_rtl8731AU_WiFi_linux_v5.8.1.7_37266.20200929_COEX20200616-4141.tar.gz from the Cudy support page ( www.cudy.com/download ). I followed their documentation, but got errors: No such file or directory for /lib/modules/5.10.21-meson64/build. So I installed the kernel headers (linux-headers-current-meson64_21.02.3_arm64.deb) and dtb ( not sure if that is needed - linux-dtb-current-meson64) using synaptic. The make script from cudy tries to use arch/aarch64/Makefile, but fails: No rule to make target 'arch/aarch64/Makefile'. Stop. So I copied /lib/modules/5.10.21-meson64/build/arch/arm64 to /lib/modules/5.10.21-meson64/build/arch/aarch64. sudo make sudo make install sudo modprobe -r 8821cu then worked perfectly... pls enjoy... cic_as
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