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  1. Thank you for your message thc13. You are talking about WiringNP from here? https://github.com/friendlyarm/WiringNP Unfortunately I’ve tried this, too, but without too much success. When executing gpio readall, I still get Unable to determine board revision from /proc/cpuinfo -> Is not NanoPi based board. -> You may want to check: -> http://www.lemaker.org/ I don’t understand why every library that I've tried, needs something from cpuinfo and why that info is not present there on Armbian OS? It seems that the WiringPi installed on FriendlyElec OS has no problem finding what it needs in cpuinfo. I wonder: is there any way to write into /proc/cpuinfo? From previous attempts, it seems that I need to add a Hardware line, or something like that.
  2. Hello, I bought myself a NanoPi M4V2 and 4x SATA HAT for NanoPi M4, hoping to make a small home made server with some docker containers. I installed Armbian buster 5.10.21, downloaded from your site and managed to boot the OS from an attached SATA drive. I have some experience with linux (mostly Ubuntu/Debian), I own and I’ve played with Raspberry boards and I wrote small python scripts to work with GPIO on raspberry pi (how to blink a led or how to connect and display some text on an I2C 16x2 LCD). I thought that might be a nice project if I could connect an I2C LCD to nanopi and display some text text from python script, but here where I hit a brick wall. I found and read on this forum some discussion about user space GPIO, installing WiringPi, sysfs, tried them all, but none worked. Regarding user space GPIO, I have no idea where to start; sysfs seems to be deprecated (I don’t care), however I have no /sys/class/gpio/gpio50 (or any other pin); wiringpi has no Hardware line in /proc/cpuinfo and gpio readall responds with wiringPiSetup: Unknown model. I’ve managed to work with GPIO pins (from Python script) on FriendlyElec official OS and using WiringPi library, but I prefer Armbian because I can make it boot from SATA drive (which I don’t know if is possible with FriendlyElec OS). Let me know if you need more hardware infos and how I can get them for you. Thank you. Radu
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