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  1. Hi @deltasig68 yes. Actually the issue was due to some kernel flags not set when the OS image was generated. I managed to have it working by recompiling the OS (following the Quadra / Inovato procedure by @MBB: https://forum.inovato.com/post/building-armbian-from-source-12449428?pid=1334457271) and once the few build issues fixed, I recompiled changing the following kernel flags (taken from a libreelec forum) : CONFIG_CEC_CORE=y CONFIG_CEC_NOTIFIER=y CONFIG_CEC_PIN=y CONFIG_MEDIA_CEC_SUPPORT=y CONFIG_USB_PULSE8_CEC=m CONFIG_USB_RAINSHADOW_CEC=m Then you can use the cec protocol with cec-ctl (apt-get install v4l-utils). I haven't completed my tests but it seems to work fine. Please notice that the above is valid on a T95 / Quadra box (H6 based). And double check that your HDMI cable support the protocol (not all do).
  2. @J Black Kat if your T95 is based on a H6 you can try to install the Inovato OS (based on Armbian for the T95 H6) : https://forum.inovato.com/post/doing-a-factory-restore-12449421?highlight=factory restore&pid=1333459821 . Have a look to their technical forum. And @MBB can possibly provide you additional information.
  3. Hi @SteeMan, thanks. Actually I know TV boxes are not supported, even less the Allwinner based ones. But I know that many of the Armbian community play with those boxes. So my question was rather a message in bottle in the sea hoping someone else tried the same with more success that I currently have with cec 😉
  4. I would like to control the TV via my box (T95 mini - powered by an H6) runing on Armbian. I installed both cec-utils (for cec-client) and v4l-utils (for cec-ctl) but neither seem to work. Did anyone manage to use the CEC protocol on an H6 box ?
  5. Thanks @MBBand @awawafor the information. I'll let the box running for few days to see if it's stable.
  6. @awawajust tested your new image on both the TX6-A and TX6-P, it works well on both and the install on the TX6-P eMMC is sucessfull. That said FYI during the install on the eMMC I saw few errors messages, unfortunatly a bit fast to be noted (and so to asses if they are real problems or not). Do you know if the errors are logged somhewere ?
  7. Thanks for the info @awawa. I'm currently trying to apply the guidelines provided by @MBB. I'll share if it works as well for my two models of TX6.
  8. Thanks a lot @awawaand @MBB for the clarifications.
  9. It's likely a newbie question but I coudn't find the answer in the forum. @awawadid you manage to install your build on the internal eMMC ? If yes could you please share how ?
  10. Actually being able to temporarely run at 1.8ghz (with the on-demand governor) enable some use cases (eg in my case web navigation, for which the system goes 1.8ghz only for short period of time). And through armbian-config you can alway define the limits between which you wish the CPU to run (if you want to keep it below the 1.8 to stay safe). However, today the dbt is buggy : the frequency is there but due to the wrong voltage it's not available) And if you remove the 1.8Ghz (or even the 1.7) it's a bit a pity for the ones requiring it (knowing that it's possible ;-) On top some users could add a better coling system. But up to you, it was just to share (as I fixed my problem ;-)
  11. @hexdumpyou were right, the problem was in the dbt and was due to a mistake in the power supply block: The regulator-vdd-cpu-gpu is set to 1.135V and the 1.8Ghz block (opp-1800000000) was requiring 1.16V. By changing that limit to 1.135V (opp-microvolt-speed0 = <0x115198 0x115198 0x124f80>;) the 1.8Ghz is now available (and seems to run well). @awawaas your build is the new reference for the TX6 maybe you can add the fix in the dtb ? It's not a major frequency improve but at least all the frequencies listed in the provided dtb are available.
  12. Thanks a lot for the clarifications @hexdump, I'll try to investigate from there.
  13. @PiotrOI deleted the modules and that didn't change the issues on the 2 boxes. Unfortunatly connecting to the UART is a bit too complex for me ;-) But for your information the model P works great with @awawa release including the Wifi (both boxes use the same wifi chipset / XRadio XR819. I'm surprised the behaviour is different between the two, with Armbian they behave the same (and the hardware is more or less the same with the exception of the RAM size and eMMC size)
  14. Thanks a lot for the information @hexdump. And if I can abuse a bit more of your experience ;-) do you think the limitation I see on Armbian on the TX6 is rather due to an hardware limitation, a limit in the kernel or it's due to the dtb I use ? Just to know if it worth spending time investigating how to change the limit. Thanks
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