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  1. ok ive got wifi working after rebooting a few times... but still have issues with the hdmi..and ethernet... after futher investigation, ive got uboot showing over hdmi (aswell as serial)... but as soon as the kernel boots the hdmi drops out and it displays no signal, ive added the line.. to /boot/boot.cmd and recompiled it... ive played with changing resolutions but no luck... setenv video-mode sunxi:1920x1080@60,monitor=hdmi,hpd=0,edid=0,overscan_x=24,overscan_y=24 ive also installed buster (originally focal) and no longer have the ethernet dma issue...
  2. hi new armbian user here.. ive recently got a pcduino v3b and the old OSs for it suck, cant update anything or find what i need... ive tryed downloading a few builds of armbian for pcduino, but im having some issues, firstly hdmi doesnt boot, i mean, never get anything on screen, the only access i have is via the serial port ive just grabbed the latest build that says the board is supported, but i cannot get a network connection, ethernet is plugged an 'up" but no ip or connection, and it seems the onboard wifi cant be found either.... also receiving error messages about fa