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  1. sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=flexpfb speed=48000000 fps=60 gpios=reset:20,dc:1,wr:3,cs:10,db00:0,db01:14,db02:2,db03:21,db04:18,db05:19,db06:8,db07:9 sudo modprobe flexfb width=320 height=480 buswidth=8 init=-1,0x11,-2,200,-1,0x36,-1,0x3A,0x05,-1,0x36,0x48,-1,0x13,-1,0x29,-1,0x2C,-3 i edited the X11 config files to match it with the frame buffer and wrote startx i also tried displaying images but i get the same thing
  2. hi, i got this far whats going wrong here?
  3. seems parallel to me dc:110,reset:21,wr:1,cs:6,db00:3,db01:68,db02:71,db03:64,db04:2,db05:65,db06:66,db07:67
  4. No after the 2,4" its get laggy since SPI is very slow
  5. hi i have a similar buts its for ardunio and got every pin in accept lcd_rd lcd_wr lcd_rs and how can dc:110 < what layout of the pin is that? i also do not understand this my english is not good can you help me a little? thanks
  6. Hi everyone i made a video for the ILI9341 2.4" tft Module check it out
  7. Hi everyone i got my ILI9341 TFT 2.4" display to work on armbian but the screen is cut off? i have no idea on how to fix this Orange Pi One
  8. I Attached ili9341 but i ran the command confbmap 2 8 and then ctrl + alt + f2 the lcd was showing to enter password i did but now i see this never goes into gui any fix?
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