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  1. OK, I understand. But anyway it seems for current armbian bullseye, fully updated the issue not reproduces. At least it was not reproduced at 3 boards for 5-10 reboots I did. No, I mean all current (not edge versions) installed by default on armbian: # apt list --installed "*current*" Listing... Done linux-dtb-current-meson64/bullseye,now 21.08.6 arm64 [installed] linux-image-current-meson64/bullseye,now 21.08.6 arm64 [installed] linux-u-boot-odroidn2-current/bullseye,now 21.08.1 arm64 [installed] More experiences to share (ARMBIAN bullseye @ ODROID N2+ for all 3 SBC): 1. I've installed k3s on 3 nodes (master + 2 worker nodes). 2. The master node has 2TB HDD connected by USB. So It's one of the cheapest toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB. It's sharing it with NFS. And I'm very happy with it's performance it seems it writes 50-100MB/s for a couple of big files. And combined with async on server side it takes advantage of 4GB ram for buffering writes so I'm really able to write a lot of small files and they are dropped to the NAS really quickly 100MB/s where 1Gb/s Ethernet is the only limit. Great, not worth investing in SSD IMHO. But as alternative NAS solution I think odroid hc4 + maybe HDD+SSD might also be a good idea. But it doesn't have that cool big passive heatsink mounted at factory 3. I'm considering this impressive home cluster template to experiment with: https://github.com/k8s-at-home/template-cluster-k3s 4. Image my cluster attached. I'm going to just add 1GB raspberry pi3 on top of it.
  2. Hi, I've recently flashed new Odroid N2+ with dietpi and armbian, I'm going to build kubernetes training cluster with some personal home services like syncthing, myjdownloader, pyload, NFS etc. The first is nice distro but it seems to hang out on intensive file operations (maybe related with Sandisk Extreme Pro A2 card - I was not aware that A2 might be not supported well) in all of about 5 tests of trying to install texlive-full in ubuntu docker container it just hangs and board is restarted by watchdog. Generally I'm happy with armbian debian and it's not crashing/hanging at all. I don't remember if armbian had issues with default kernel but I've installed the edge and it's completely stable. Mostly because I've read that at 5.13 there were some improvements for odroid n2+. Please try the edge kernel: ostanislaw@odroid1:~$ uname -a Linux odroid1 5.15.5-meson64 #trunk.70 SMP PREEMPT Thu Nov 25 14:05:30 UTC 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux ostanislaw@odroid1:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Debian Description: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) Release: 11 Codename: bullseye ostanislaw@odroid1:~$ sudo apt list --installed *meson64* [sudo] password for ostanislaw: Listing... Done linux-dtb-current-meson64/bullseye,now 21.08.6 arm64 [installed] linux-dtb-edge-meson64/bullseye,now 21.11.0-trunk.70 arm64 [installed] linux-image-current-meson64/bullseye,now 21.08.6 arm64 [installed] linux-image-edge-meson64/bullseye,now 21.11.0-trunk.70 arm64 [installed] Today I tried also ubuntu hirsuite headless but I think it hanged once and had 100% issue with reboots, needed to power cycle the board. After I've removed current packages keeping only edge, and updated u-boot to edge it was not booting anymore (don't know which of them caused issue), nothing displayed at hdmi. Reflashed again to bullseye but I'll keep current line of kernel dtb etc to see if they are reliable. Reboot issue is rather rarely reproducing, probably happened only once before full upgrade.