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  1. Double post, but I think it's okay this Time^^. It seems that it has something to do about Scaling the CPU-Frequency. There's another Thread in the Forum which describes a similar problem: So, what I did was: - open /etc/sysfs.conf - write down following lines to stick the CPU-Speed at 1.2 GHz: devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor = userspace devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_setspeed = 1200000 After that, I could install the newest "linux-image-current-rockchip64"-Package and Neo3 survives a Reboot. After the Reboot, I modified the sysfs.conf again to delete the two lines, reboot again and... No Connection. My Router doesn't get a DHCP-Request after the last Reboot. Tested it with both SD-Card (as described a post earlier) with two Neo3 (Yep, I had a second Neo3 but didn't used before), both doing exactly the same. Running on newest Rockchip-Kernel without modifing sysfs.conf = no boot. With modified sysfs.conf = running. For me, the Problem is solved. I need to modify /etc/sysfs.conf as described, and I can finally work with those Devices^^. EDIT: Nah, it was too easy, the Problem is just partially solved. I still can't use the newest Image provided on the Site, even if I change sysfs.conf on the SD-Card before the first boot. But I can use the archived Version 20.11 Buster, change sysfs.conf, upgrade to the newest Version using apt... And than, it runs and survives multiple reboots and shutdowns^^. Tested with both SD-Cards and both Neo3. Really weird...
  2. Thanks for investigating and helping! :) Serial-to-USB-Connector is ordered^^. Okay, I think I figured something out. I tried some of the "Archived Version" of Armbian ( ): It seems that 21.02.1 (Buster) didn't run either on my Neo3; same behavior (like, Router never get a DHCP-Request). Armbian 20.11 (Buster) works! With that Image, I could finally use the NanoPi. * First thing I did: "apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade". Everything runs fine, than "reboot"... And nothing works anymore. Router never get a DHCP-Request after Rebooting. * After that, I flashed my SD-Card again (20.11 Buster), I changed a Package to hold ("apt-mark hold linux-image-current-rockchip64"), and update again. Update runs through, I could reboot the NanoPi and... everything still works! So, if I connect to the NanoPi using SSH, it shows: "Welcome to Armbian 21.02.3 Buster with Linux 5.8.17-rockchip64" Whatever the Problem is, it has something to do with the Package "linux-image-current-rockchip64"... SD Card is a SanDisk Extreme, 64 GB, U3 A2. I tried another SD-Card (SanDisk Ultra, 16 GB, Class 10), same result. After my Serial-to-USB-Connector arrived, I'll try to find out what's going on...
  3. Title says it all: The Images offers by the site simply doesn't work on a NanoPi Neo3. I don't have a Serial-Connector to find out what's going on during the Boot-Process. I connected a Router on the Lan-Interface, and the Router never get a DHCP-Request from the Neo3. Tried multiple times, SD-Card is fine (tested). If I use an Image from a totally different Project (for Example "DietPi" which also offers a Neo3-Image), it works like a charm. Router gets DHCP-Request, I can connect using SSH (and so on), everything works. My Neo3 is working fine, Power-Supply is also good (it's made for Raspberry Pi and offers 5.1V and 3A...)