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  1. Hi. With 2 ways With DD and script ( I think remember was emmc_aitoscript) Two files has same size. Finally I decided not restore because work perfect as server but I don't know if try it in future thanks
  2. I checked not is possible import image because burning tool say "parse burning image fail" i would like know how can restore image I have two images with same size and understand not are corrupt Edit: I didn't know but I can access by usb with image armbian. Now I think will be possible restore. What program could use for restore emmc ?
  3. Hi. I need restore emm in tv Box with sx905x2. I need help, I doubts Emmc.IMG.7z has 2.13 GB compressed The image uncompressed has 31.27 GB. What file should use? The methods is with USB Burning tool? I need confirm (sorry for my English, is ver bad) Thanks
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