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  1. here is a working dtb with the GPU working and working CPU clocks rk3318-box.dtb
  2. i set the cpu like this and i will test it and hope it works opp-1392000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x52f83c00>; opp-microvolt = <0x137478>; clock-latency-ns = <0x9c40>; status = "okay"; }; opp-1400000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x53724e00>; opp-microvolt = <0x138800>; clock-latency-ns = <0x9c40>; status = "okay"; }; opp-1500000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x59682f00>; opp-microvolt = <0x13e9a8>; clock-latency-ns = <0x9c40>; status = "okay"; }; }; thanks for the interesting method @jock can you put this in the next build?
  3. note of caution; the default gpu values are very bad here is what i changed it to opp-720000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x2aea5400>; opp-microvolt = <0x116520 0x111700 0x120160>; }; opp-725000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x2b369f40>; opp-microvolt = <0x116520 0x11700 0x120160>; }; opp-733000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x2bb0b140>; opp-microvolt = <0x116520 0x111700 0x120160>; }; opp-750000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x2cb41780>; opp-microvolt = <0x116520 0x111700 0x120160>; }; }; if the voltage doesn't work the desktop won't be clickable at all. if the desktop and its items are clickable and not locking up, then the settings work but i need more testers. Can you make this dtb the new standard for armbian and make sure it doesn't crash the weird thing about the desktop not being clickable is that the mouse cursor still works but the display times out
  4. i am testing new gpu clocks since the rk3318 has an arm mali-450mp3 penta core gpu here is an example gpu-opp-table { compatible = "operating-points-v2"; phandle = <0x3e>; opp-400000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x17d78400>; opp-microvolt = <0xf4240 0xe7ef0 0x124f80>; }; opp-500000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x1dcd6500>; opp-microvolt = <0x100590 0xe7ef0 0x124f80>; }; opp-600000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x23c34600>; opp-microvolt = <0x100590 0xe7ef0 0x124f80>; }; opp-750000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x2cb41780>; opp-microvolt = <0x10c8e0 0xe7ef0 0x124f80>; }; }; i'll report more soon...
  5. trying these opp-1392000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x52F83C00>; opp-microvolt = <0x137478>; clock-latency-ns = <0x9c40>; status = "okay"; }; opp-1400000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x53724E00>; opp-microvolt = <0x149970>; clock-latency-ns = <0x9c40>; status = "okay"; }; opp-1500000000 { opp-hz = <0x00 0x59682F00>; opp-microvolt = <0x155CC0>; clock-latency-ns = <0x9c40>; status = "okay"; };
  6. @Energokom can you tell me the opp- , opp-hz as well as the opp-microvolt for 1.4 and 1.5 GHZ as i would like to test an idea i was thinking over repeatedly... the ddrbin works at 800 for me can we set the gpu to be at 750 mhz or higher? and can we make the latency values a bit better and how do you know what to set it to? i tested 1.3 i'm not worried about bricking as i can usually get these tv boxes pretty cheap online. thanks for the testing
  7. is there a way to format a 256 MB (Not GB) for booting from USB 2.0 port? the USB is a 32 GB Flash Drive for a type a 3.0 port. how do i make my 256MB Micro SD card for booting in this manner? the current images are bigger than 256 Mega Bytes which is annoying me due to lack of documentation thanks for taking the time to read this.
  8. i'm on Edge Kernel 6.7.4 XFCE Ubuntu Noble 25.5.x ARM64 (RockChip64) (Armbian Beta Channel) and so far, at 800 MHz DDRbin on an sd card with 1296 MHz CPU OC and it is rock solid stable. All I need is to have the led display with FD6551(A) and cvbs out working in newer builds and where do i add an optical port on my board since other rk3318/3328 have the port but mine doesn't @jock is having earlykprintf in my boot config correct? what else should i test on my box?
  9. i'm running "Linux rk3318-box 6.7.4-edge-rockchip64 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Feb 5 20:17:12 UTC 2024 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux" (Ubuntu Noble ARM64) (That was from "uname -a [as root]") mine is at 800 MHz and no brick so far. i'm using microsd card (256GB) (Legit) and it runs pretty nice except for the non flathub version of kodi (it hangs with no errors) XFCE 4 desktop is normal fwiw and i'm experimenting with other desktop environments and window managers and compositing but hardware video acceleration does not work (Software Render only?) P.S. (I'm Not Crying, You're Crying.) #RK3318 #RockChip #Armbian #beta
  10. then what is 1596000000 ? that is what it returned for me as root # "cat /sys/kernel/debug/clk/dpll/clk_rate" should i try 1333? or 1600? i'm gonna try 1066 first. unless i'm missing something , some of these boxes can sort of handle the higher ddrbin, we might have to play a bit with it. these boxes are a dime a dozen from most online stores....
  11. i clocked it to 800 MHz and it is still working... here is the dmesg from the 800 MHz ddrbin tweak dmesg-800-ddrbin.txt
  12. what exactly could happen if ddrbin is at 800MHz? i have mine at 666MHz instead of 660MHz and so far, at 666 it seems fairly stable.
  13. i set my ddrbin to 666 and it works fine so far... thanks @jock can i push it higher?
  14. @Jock Here Are Some DTB Dumps From 2022 to 2023 (Android 9/10/11/12) The File Names Are "CRC32".dtb DTB Dumps (2022~2023) (CRC32.DTB)
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