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  1. After 1,5 week of use new AC adapter I can confirm it was the issue. @jock I aware it can't have this 4A, but mayby have. What I bought it's not regular AC adapter but so dedicated for leds (ATS024T-A050) it's little bigger, so mayby it's fulfills the manufacturer's promises :P... it's doesn't matter, it's have to give only 2A and not get faulty after near time . And it cost less than 10$ so it was worth to try Thanks all for awsers
  2. Thanks for reply. No, it's dont have external power supply. I asume box require max 1A and for USB 2.0 / 3.0 max is 0.5A / 0.9A. It shouldn't by trobule speical he came with 2A power supply. I assume frequently work on maximum power caused some damage. I decided test other power supply, beacuse it's was works fine on begining. So I bought some AC adapter V5 4A. I aware of power reserves, it was intencional in the hope that it will withstand 2A without any problems for long time. Now I doing stress test and after ~200gb read it's look to be fine now. Btw. I not expecting much from this cheap tv box. It was missed purchase as TV Box, unused, so I thought I make linux server form him for media. If it turns out after some time that the problem still occurs, I will simply throw it away and I will go in some other solution.
  3. Hi, I have X96+ with armian. I have issue with usb hdd (usb 3.0) on both usb ports (2.0/3.0).Disk have ext4 partition. During hisk work very often disk unmounting (i hear when thisk stoping). In effect the disk is mounted as read-only and of course it generates disk errors that are repairable with fsck. What could be the reason? A badly mounted drive or a sluggish, dying power supply? How I can diagnose this? Any ideas? I simply mounting disk in fstab LABEL=usb-hdd /media/usb-hdd ext4 defaults,rw 0 0
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