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  1. @BipBip1981 how is that related to the original problem? Looks to me like you get SMART warnings cause the disk is failing.
  2. Maybe a stupid question but why would the regular serial (the one I connect to using USB) of the helios64 not work?
  3. I am still sad about the news. However I wish the team the best and some more free time and hopefully you will regain some of that passion. You have come a long way from an originally failed Kickstarter campaign for the helios4 (which still came to life) to the helios64. The work you have done for the open source community is impressive. A personal thank you to @gprovost @aprayoga and also Dmitriy Sidorovich (which I have not seen on the forums). I would be very much interested in how everything worked behind the scenes. Like, how do find a factory, how does sourcing the parts work, how many prototypes were there?. This is something that I guess few think about and may have as little clue as I have. It'd be super cool if you could share some of that, obv. just if you don't mind and as far as maybe NDAs allow for.
  4. I think I tried that and it did not work very well for me, will do some testing this weekend again though and give it some tries and report. Maybe my Uboot did not get updated last time as that requires manual input
  5. That sounds now very much like the SATA issues. Source is still unknown apart from the data cables. I could also imagine (hardware noob here) that it may depend on the drive and power draw and signal quality. So maybe the WD is has a better signal quality.
  6. Nah, no soldering involved. Just cut of the data part of the connector. It destroys that bit irreversibly, but then you are just left with the power connector and you can plug that on the back of new connector I took the assembly image from the wiki and used my amazing paint.net skills to draw lines where to cut; just make sure you leave the power connector intact
  7. @RockBian yeah that is the set. However the seller I ordered from is no longer there. The best offer right now is this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000168090307.html However your error is a different one and I cannot see the reset of the SATA connection but if you FS goes into read-only that may indicate another issue. Did the drive in slot 4 work after all? Cause some people had slot 4/5 resp. 1/2 depending how you count (the two that share power) fail completely. If you wanna exchange the cables though: the power os from the original harness, I cut of the data connection part using a separation disk on a rotary tool (Dremel like).
  8. You can also try setting MAX_SPEED to 408000. However I have a stable system since I raised the voltage in /boot/boot.cmd
  9. I guess what he is after is having this sorted on your summary by problem and fixes. Also for the SATA issue the workaround that worked too is to exchange the SATA cabled. If someone wants to retain the hotplug connector I found something there that works
  10. You guys have tried the usual low CPU clock/ raise voltage things?
  11. The voltage thingy was not specific to the SATA issues but the general system stabilty. And may have not been specific enough, sorry. I meant the VDD fixes here: Before that my system would go into random panics regardless of frequencies and governor. However I never really checked the callstacks. This was also done upstream for the RockPro64 (same CPU) to improve general system stability. There was a post by @gprovostthough to try it with a new kernel and the VDD fix removed but I had no luck with that. VDD raised and I am all good.
  12. Just took a quick look at the ZFS sources (on master though) and the only place I can see where this would get called looking at the callstack is https://github.com/openzfs/zfs/blob/ba91311561834774bc8fedfafb19ca1012c9dadd/module/zfs/zio.c#L4772 So it must have hit an error at this point already. Are you running the modified SATA firmware? Also my system is still plagued by the panics on boot. Second attempt works like a charm then. The only fix I applied was raising the voltage and my custom SATA harness. However I right now have little to zero load. What distri are you running now? The other thread mentioned Buster and Focal (though iirc they run the same kernel). I am running Buster with 4 Seagate Ironwolf 10TB.
  13. @usefulnoise @ShadowDance Maybe this is interesting for you: As I had the same issue but did not wanna mess around too much and some where successful with 3rd party sata cables, I was looking for a way to get this done w/o loosing the HDD slides into the SATA slot option. I found this (hope this does not count as advertisement): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002595620272.html which seems to be the general harness of a Lenovo X3100 M5 Server. I was also looking to get some screw-able SATA mounts, but could not find any that would not require me doing the cable works and soldering too. However the Lenovo cables looked promising and as it turns out, you just use this as a drop in replacement. The screws fit. However you have to mount them from the front side instead the back, but the case has enough space to do that. You do however need to push very hard, to get the screws to grip, but even the threads match. I did a bit of grinding on the metal frame though to reduce the tension on the plastic of the connector cause it is a bit thicker. Not sure that is required though (I think not). For the fifth slot some grinding will be inevitable though. Since that slot is not populated for me right now (and has to wait a bit on current pricing unless I find a bargain) and one cable set has 4 cables, this was no issue. Another two cable sets are on the way though (have another Helios64). I do not know how you cut the connectors of the original harness to get power only, but I used a separation disk on a Dremel like tool. Worked like a charm. The cables are all similar length so you need to do try a bit until you find a position that works and does not twist the cable too much but gets it to the ports on the board. Here what I ended up with (sorry for the sub-optimal quality but only saw this now on the PC and I do not want to disassemble the case again) Hope that is helpful for anyone. I am super happy with this solution I have not had any issues with my ZFS setup anymore since. Cheers
  14. Did you follow https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/software/zfs/install-zfs/ and also installed zfs-dkms ?
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