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  1. After a few days running with my USB Drive plugged near HDMI port, I can say that I don't have anymore : - 'shutdown' state of the board - problem to have a soft reboot But I'm still issuing : - ' Transport endpoint is not connected' error message after a few hours - Not all the time (because it happens to work one time only), PLEX not seeing the mounted drive after booting and need a Plex container restart
  2. Just to add that armbianmonitor report above is when I have the ' Transport endpoint is not connected' issue. This one : is just after a hard reboot when the disk is correctly mounted
  3. Hi all, I'm a bit lost to find the root cause so I share all what I noticed Installed - I'm using Armbian_21.02.4_Odroidn2_buster_current_5.10.27.img image on a eMMC 64Gb on an Odroid N2+ board - I installed docker and have two containers activated from portainer/portainer-ce and linuxserver/plex images - I installed exFat-fuse and exFat-utils to be able to mount an external exFat drive connected via USB Issues - Right after booting, the USB drive is mounted but is not seen by Plex. Restarting the plex container make the trick but I have to do it each time - After some t