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  1. Hey @TeroDada, I also have a H313 box. It seems to be a x96 something... I tried a bunch of images, it does not boot. You said that ubuntu image booted, did you do something with it? I tried to burn it into a SD card but it gives out a warning that it is not a bootable image. I tried anyway, and the box does not boot. Any help would be appreciated at this point! Thanks
  2. My friend, should you find an asnwer for this, please let me know!!!
  3. Hey @tommy, just read this and have also found the images you provided here, but my performance is not even close to yours. Can you tell me what sort of configuration you've made? I have toyed around the options but my games mostly crash. For example, I have tried Tekken 3 and it feels very slow. If I try to swap the video driver for anything but "gl", it will crash. Same with other options that I thought would give a result. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Hope this message find you guys doing ok amidst the crazy times we live in. I have followed the mentioned link below, downloaded the "current 5.10 minimal", and have hit a weird wall: rk322x-config stops before setting up the wifi.Therefore, my wifi is not setting up. I have many other images (mostly if not all legacy ones) where my ssv6051p is working very well. I have installed xfce4 from armbian-config and still could not see or find it through graphical interface. On CLI I tried checking modprobe, iperf, nmtui, dmesg... It seems like it is just not there at all. So, I thought "well shit, something went down", and removed the minimal to go back to my most developed version of legacy with lubuntu and wifi is working just fine. And rk322x-config does have the full length, going over wifi settings and options for it. Any suggestions...? I have the general idea I have read about it somewhere, but looking through the topic I could not find anything I haven't tried. If this answer is somewhere, my apologies, but if you could send me its link I'd appreciate it! Best, Vitor
  5. Hello o/ I have a Tanix tx6s and, as far as I could tell, there isn't much about it online on how to start armbian on it. I tried the general instructions for the orangepi zero 2 but the box just remains unbootable. Now, I have looked at the sunxi webpage and there is a, somewhat, set of instructions to get the bootloader and dtb properly working for this box... I doubt it but, has anyone done/tried it? And do you recommend a different approach? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, This may be a more "linux general question", but what I could find and try did not work, so it may be a armbian/rk3228 specific solution. On this rk3328 I am running ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, Kernel 4.4 with x11 and XFCE (sddm greeter) - rk3328. Now my question: How do I make the screen, regardless of monitor (hdmi input) to have the same resolution and aspect ratio? Say I want it to be 4:3 and 500x600. How do I force, thorugh a script, any single monitor to run with this configuration? I found some instructions on how to do this with xrandr and whatnot, but it just does not stick. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, that's exactly what I have learned. But like, I have a rk3229 which can run things but it is very slow. Best performance "fix" is to have a 800x600 resolution. I am struggling to navigate on web, watch youtube at 480p is FAR from great... The mediaframework stuff is mostly to have the accelaration for Kodi, it doesn't helped that much with regular usage. On top of it, most of google stuff won't work (no google meet and google drive is pretty slow). Nor will any video chat platform really work, even if audio only. I am trying to make it into a cheap basic computer, mostly for productivity. Anyways, I'm hoping the H313 will be better just enough that these things won't be terrible. It can be bad, but hopefully work and it's not a trash performance. But I'm prepared for the same possible outcome, lol Thanks <3
  8. Hello! I know this is for H616 and things are on early stages... But I read somewhere that the H313 is the same chip as H616, so I am wondering: would the images and procedure for H616 work on a H313 board? I don't have one yet to test, but I am planning on getting and trying. Just wondering if someone else has done it. Thanks and best!
  9. Hey @jock, I just lost my minimal image due to a dead sdCard. Woul you happen to have it still available...? Sorry for troubling you with it! If not, I will try to build one myself (but I'm affraid I'd hit that wall once more...)
  10. Well, no, not at all. Here is all steps on what happened: Bought the box with android 7.1 and it booted OK; Inserted SD card with multitool and ran "restore" instead of "install" with an Armbian version that I already had "perfected" on another exactly equal box; I have installed (thoruhg "install" menu option in multitool) this same version of Armbian on another number of this exact same box, multiple times, and nothing similar has ever happened! Tried to boot the box, nothing happened; Tried to boot the box with the multitool SD card in and got that error screen; Nothing could change the results of steps 3 and 4 so far. Steps 3 and 4 happened on multiple attempts. I was never able to get back to android or start multitool again. The box is, therefore, bricked. Could this have happened because of a faulty multitool install? Could multitool have damaged something to make it "bricked"? Or is it more likely that the box is somehow faulty? I believe on the latter but have not tried investigating. I never used the rkdevelopt tool, but I will try to use it later!
  11. I see, thanks! Well, yeah. But for that I'd need multitool to open, haha Currently, I either have no boot or boot into that "error like" screen I posted the images for. It doesn't go anywhere, no terminal, no multitool, no nothing. Just that and only that. That's why I am strongly inclined to believe something on the board (hardware) is faulty.
  12. Hey Jock! Thanks for answering so fast! Here is what happened: android was installed (I do not remember if I used it, but I believe I did at least tested...), anyways, the only different thing I did was to install armbian through multitool using "restore" instead of "install", could that have been the issue? Then, after that, the board does not boot at all. If I try to boot it pressing the reset button with the multitool sd card I get that screen. The sd card is 100% working as I have installed and backed up and restored multiple version on multiple boxes. I have not tried anything with the rkdev tool ever, but I could try something. Regardless, I can't even revert back to android since I can't get multiool working. That's why I believe it has to be a hardware failure... Also: can, somehow, an action from multitool (restore, backup, install...) break a box/emmc? It doesn't mess with clocks or voltages, does it? Like, I suppose a energy shortage midway process could be dangerous... But, assuming everything to be normal, can multitool actions themselves break/brick the box? As always, I appreciate your guys work and efforts, thank you so much!
  13. Hi! One of my boxes is no longer booting on android or armbian, and I'm unsure on how to proceed. If I force it to boot with the reset pressed, trying to open multitool, I get the following screen. Does it seem like it is "recoverable" or is it some hardware failure...?
  14. Hey, here I am again! This time around I'm trying to use "leocad", but I have this weird bug going on where I cannot see the bricks, nor the tile... Has anyone experienced something similar, maybe with another CAD program...? I will be asking this on their forum as well! On the other picture you can see my terminal info about the package and its dependencies! Thanks and best!
  15. Hello amazing people, I have a really nice version of the system running as I want it to: Armbian is a productivity suite and I can watch twitch on Kodi. I have been trying to play stuff, like emulators, and I am now having issues - which I am sure I wasn't having earlier on. While on Armbian Mednafen/Mednaffe will run some games well, some will suck. Like, even if GLRUN it will, at best, play 17fps. So, I thought: silly me, let's try the emulators through Kodi cuz Kodi twitch is smooth 1080p (while on Armbian I'm lucky if I have 360p), so the video stuff might be better in Kodi... And, well, shit. It seems like there was an update on Kodi and it is now way above 18.6 (default Kodi for mediaFramework) and it is just not possible to install things there anymore. It keeps asking for stuff, such as libretro and whatnot, which I can't install unless I upgrade, but I can't upgrade Kodi... Am I missing something here? Is there an option? Basically: I want to able to run some SNES/GBA games and that's all. Thanks o/
  16. Hey, man. Not sure if this could be what you're looking for, but I managed to play SNES and GBA on Ubuntu legacy with Mednaffe/Mednafen. It ran just fine and well. If you try and have issues, let us know o/
  17. Thanks @jock and @fabiobassa! Yeah, it is partially due to these limitations and also the limitations of how I am currently using Kodi that I am trying that dual boot alternative. You guys don't happen to know anything about it, do you? Even if it'd mean run android on eMMC and Linux from the sdcard, it'd still be very helpful! If things keep running as they are, I think I can turn this into a product soon enough - and then help with donations! ^^
  18. Hi everyone, I'm doing really well on the board I have! I am sure this is a really capable board! So far I have: . Played emulator games and some old/retro games such as quake 1, 2, and doom; . Web-browesed on Firefox to almost any website (netflix doesn't work, some issues with google meet as well); . Edited photos and pdf with gimp, libreoffice draw, kolourpaint... Flawlessly!; . Draw 2d cad with librecad and will be testing leocad soon!; . When videos work, like in YouTube or twitch, I can watch them decent at 480p, very decent at 360p; . Watched 1080p on kodi (at least on twitch), but the other services (Amazon, Netflix, Disney, YouTube...) I wasn't able to try yet. Overall, this makes for a REALLY good and cheap basic desktop. But just to be sure, let me ask something: is there any way to dual boot with android + armbian? That'd be possible with, I suppose, partitioning the emmc... I am aware that there is a way to install linux in Android and then ssh into it. But that's not the same thing I'm asking about! As always, thanks a lot for the help and support here. You guys are awesome. Much love <3
  19. HI @jock! I tried slick-greeter with icewm and that was super fast! Very nice, but not that user friendly. But, you know, consumed 120mb ram to have it up and running, so very decent choice for limited boards! Also, I figured out a solution for the kodi part on the media framework: hold on 3 packages only: xserver-xorg-video-armsoc, kodi, and kodi-bin. But the other packages don't need the hold. Tested on twitch, 1080p smooth! I am now going to test kodi and lxde... Should be faster and lighter than both xfce and lxqt! I will keep you all updated o/ Thanks for the incredible support!!!
  20. Oh, that's very cool to know! It will be very helpful if it works this way indeed ^^ One thing I noticed but haven't looked into yet: kodi is installing without the "install from repositories option", so I can't really use it... I will try to reinstall or something. But I have encountered this error on 2 or 3 other times when I freshly installed everything... Only once, so far, I managed to install Kodi and it actually worked well (at least on twitch I could watch normally at 720p).
  21. Hi @jock ! Thanks for all the help and ways to fix and/or bypass these issues! I took some time to replay back exactly as I was investigating it myself! And got to some findings similar to yours: the only thing I need to set as hold is the xserver-xorg-video-armsoc. The rest will update and upgrade just fine. Doing this, I am able to run some stuff. The gears are working on glxgears. I manage to play quake 1 and 2 (tho I had to add some params, LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/gl4es LIBGL_GL=15 LIBGL_FB=3 LIBGL_MIPMAP=3 LIBGL_FORCENPOT=1 LIBGL_FPS=1 LIBGL_POTFRAMEBUFFER=1 LIBGL_FORCE16BITS=1 quake2) I also had to change one thing on the install media framework: allow downgrades. Some of the stuff there I had newer versions and the install would just stop. So, in order to avoid it, I allowed downgrades and then upgraded them. Some of the entries on the enxynos were right or interesting, so I merged them on the armsoc config and so far so good. All went ok! And I am still happily using the minimal image you compiled for me + lubuntu. It is working quite well! I am now with 2 errors but I think they're unrelated to any of these events: 1. For the sake of it, I decided to take a look at armbianmonitor -v and got "It appears you may have corrupt packages.", pointing to "a symptom of filesystem corruption caused by SD cards or eMMC dying", which makes that first suggestion of yours to remain true, but also that it could be "burning the OS image to the installation media went wrong", which I don't think to be the case. It also says, " The following changes from packaged state files were detected: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libgbm.so.1.0.0 /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf" Is this an entirely new problem or may have something to do with video and whatnot? 2. There is something wrong, I think, with the rk322x-config. When I select rk3229, the wifi doesn't work. If I choose rk3228a/b, everything works. Well, after I remove the emmc from overlays, that is. So, is this a thing you've noticed before? Actually, this might not be true. I just reverted the config the wifi is not turning on again! This is what I get from dmesg | grep ssv Well, I ran a bunch of stuff from armbian-config and it is working again... Here is the last log: And my main question is: assuming I can make it all work nice and well... Can I "clone" this system and install on another box exactly equal to this one? Like, if I go to multitool and do a "backup" then try to install this on a different box, will it work? I suppose the only way would be to compile a image of my system, but using the multitool would be so much easier, haha. And hey, @Khoa Nguyen , maybe I'm mistaken and should not be giving advice as I'm very noob, but I think your overlays is still wrong. You have to remove the word "emmc" from it entirely. At least, for me, that's the only way it works...
  22. Thanks for tip, man! And well, I'm ok if the video is not great. I just want to make sure I tried all I could, you know? The option to have videos on Kodi while other things will work for the desktop is very ok, to me. BUT to have that working, I need the system to behave accordingly. I appreciate the help, @fabiobassa! Now, @jockI believe you have a point, but I am very certain of two things I am experiencing: First, the black screen IS lightdm related. And I can 100% rely on that based on some experiences: with other images where I tried lubuntu and icewm, this did not happen because there was no lightdm. Also, in this image, I have installed sddm after removing lightdm COMPLETELY (purge), it is working as intended! And second, the errors are in/with the armsoc install from media framework, because it changes some stuff with xorg, that makes it break. And this has nothing todo with lightdm because it was the first problem I had in first plance when first talked to you about it. I have gathered some explanation and logs, please find them attached. Maybe you can see something I can't on them - very likely since this is my first contact with linux =P Maybe you can take a look as well @fabiobassa? Any help or opinions are welcome! I have named them in reading order, 01 to 03. I know I'm taking a lot of your time and thank you very much for this. 01-xorgPotentialProblem 02-sddmErrorAfterMediaFramework.txt 03-xorgAfterMediaFramework
  23. Alright @jock, next time I'm installing it I will get it! It's not there right now =/ However, the problem might be something else entirely: I went to the website and download ubuntu legacy with xfce. Run rk322x, reboot. Run update/upgrade, and it breaks. I can still login through other tty, but the main one is just black. So, I searched about lightdm and it seems pretty fucked up randomly breaking. Also, the auto-login option sucks, and what I have will happen if I try to turn it off, too. I tried to solve it by installing the media framework, which installed, but the xorg.conf.d now has 4 or 5 files (I read there should be only 1). I also know for certain that the system will break if I try to open the greeter while in GUI. It just freezes completely. I tried reinstalling everything lightdm related, nothing makes it better. And, after installing the media framework, I get to the problem I had before: startx or startxfce4 errors out, so I do not have GUI anymore. I have that log here, and also the file that seems most complete for the driver config, which is exynos.conf (which I have also added some stuff trying to figure it out). Besides these 2, what else can I provide that could be helpful? As always, thank you! exynos.conf Xorg.0.log
  24. Thanks for the details, @jock! Still the same way, basically: So, followed your steps plus some apt update/upgrade along the way. Kodi errors out here, "unable to create GUI", and on the update/upgrade there are extra packages to be removed and also some other packages that need to be fixed. Armsoc is among them... I will try the image with xfce already, thanks!
  25. Hey the @jock! Thanks a lot for your help! I really appreciate it!!! What other configuration did you do? What is your DE? For me, the armsoc driver and the ffmpeg will ask to perform some "--fix-broken" on install. Is Kodi very slow? Is the movie streamed or a downloaded version that you have? How about, for example, watching a youtube video in firefox? Even if I try to add opengl on firefox, it does not turn on at all. The quake, for me, was simply a black screen. No video at all... Tried checking my info for hardware acceleration and it always said no or off or similar... How do you confirm it is on? Besides like, tried to watched and it played... So, I installed it all but Kodi on the minimal, without any DE or even xorg. Then, tried to install lubuntu-desktop, and it is stuck at "Finished Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes", if I ctrl+alt+fX, I can login but never startx or startlxqt. Same happened with lxde... And it will happen if I am on XFCE. Maybe it's something of my board... ? I don't know. And what could it be?! I'm really lost on this video stuff -.- Once more, thanks a lot, friend! You are amazingly helpful!
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