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  1. Hi, simple question. How can i upgrade from 21.02.3 to a newer version of Armbian? You said something about 'current' and 'stable', how can i switch between it? Or i have to reinstall it?
  2. After few updates and editing the /etc/pulse/default.pa file (turn o the alsa plugin, remove # to uncomment) the sound is working fine and smooth. (One thing to the board administration here: One post per day is a stupid idea! User they ask about help has no chance to answer just in time and have to wait to the next day. This is just no good idea and isn't newbie friendly!)
  3. Hi, i got a Pinebook and install the latest Armbian Image. All is working fine, only the sound output make problems. It isn't matter if i play a mp3 file or a play a YT Video. The sound is just strechted, drawned, like in slow motion. What can i do to solve this issue? Any ideas? Thank you for your help.
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