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  1. Your log shows several Warnings. Does the dtc still output the dtbo? If yes Maybe it works despite the warnings? T.
  2. Hi! That sounds interesting to me as well. I'll give it a try on a NanoPi Duo2 5.10.34-sunxi Does that solution use the vaapi layer? Forgot to mention - possibly this is no longer necessary at all since the cedrus driver already appears as /dev/video0 but im still unsure if and how this is usable ... T.
  3. Hi! I'm quite sure this is (was) a bug because I fixed it Here's howto. I'd like to provide (attach here) the overlay dts / dtbo but that doesnt seem to be possible or allowed here?! the built overlay-ov5640.dts has been derieved from an OrangePi One H3 and power pin GPIOs adjusted / removed then compiled into dtbo https://forum.armbian.com/topic/13238-ov5640-device-tree-overlay-for-orangepi-one-h3/page/3/ compile and copy the overlay dtc -I dts -O dtb -o overlay-ov5640.dtbo overlay-ov5640.dts cp /root/overlay-ov5640.dtbo /boot/dtb/overlay/sun8i-h3-ov5640.dtbo finally the boot env has been adjusted cd /boot nano armbianEnv.txt add the ov5640 to the "overlays" list. Note that the copied file above follows the naming conventions like the others. overlays=i2c0 i2c1 i2c2 usbhost0 usbhost2 usbhost3 ov5640 after reboot one should have now a /dev/video1 and /dev/media1 device. Note that /dev/video0 still seems to be the cedrus decoder only (not yet further investigated) Note that the overlay enables the Pullups on i2c2 which isn't necessary on the NanoPi Duo2 because it has 1k on board as per schematics but it doesnt hurt. mjpeg_streamer works with some parameter tweaking. ffmpeg works as well but needs lots of more parameter tuning. Next story is to get hardware acceleration working (cedrus) ideally for encoding and decoding h264. T. overlay-ov5640.dts overlay-ov5640.dtbo
  4. Hi folks! So first here is the key question: Did anyone get exactly this combination NanoPi Duo2, ov5640 camera, armbian focal running? If YES, HOW … ? 😊 Details below. btw. buster would be also fine... uname -a output is Linux nanopiduo2 5.10.34-sunxi #21.05.1 SMP Thu May 6 20:13:21 UTC 2021 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux I’m quite new to Linux and Armbian and have a slight problem using an Nanopi Duo2 and an ov5640 camera. It works pretty well using the image from FriendlyElec. This has been tested using the mjpg-streamer. Due to this success I’m sure the entire hardware setup is correct. Unfortunately the ov5640 camera does not work using mjpg-streamer as before with the armbian focal image. Also some testing with ffmpeg did not work. I can explain in more detail what “does not work” means. Ideally I’d like to have the mjpg-streamer (or the later experimental) in a working shape for testing purposes. THEN I can decide how to proceed with my own development. ffmpeg would be also okay for testing. For me it looks like ffmpeg fails for other reasons. I did dig through several newsgroups but could not identify the root cause. Here is what I verified or tested: 1) i2cdetect 2 output is correct. It shows the device on address 0x3c I’m not sure if that worked from the beginning after several changes but this didn’t impact at all the failing camera. 2) v4l2-ctl --list-devices cedrus (platform:cedrus): /dev/video0 /dev/media0 3) v4l2-ctl --list-formats ioctl: VIDIOC_ENUM_FMT Type: Video Capture [0]: 'ST12' (Sunxi Tiled NV12 Format, compressed) [1]: 'NV12' (Y/CbCr 4:2:0) 4) modprobe ov5640 does not show any errors inside the dmesg output. Interestingly after rmmod and modprobe frame_rate=2 there IS an error “unknown parameter”. This means THIS current module as part of the kernel doesn’t have that parameter as specified elsewhere. 5) I also played a little with dtb overlays but still no success. The last “hardcore test” 😊 was putting in the friendlyArm dtb into the armbian image but that caused other errors. Thanks in advance!
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