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  1. I edited armbianEnv.txt file, overlays= emmc led-conf1 cpu-stability, then reboot and tried install desktop interface but it still not work sometimes it crashed, sometimes it just freezed
  2. This is the picture of kernel crash dump when i install desktop interface with armbian-config, i tried several times but it always crash. I don't know hot to get dmesg log.
  3. Sorry for bothering you again. But when i try install desktop interface using armbian-config, it keeps crash when installing packages, something kernel panic. Maybe it is because the sd card?
  4. Luckily this image file worked , i run sudo rk322x-config but armbian-config command didn't work, is said command not found, what can i do now ? Thank you again
  5. This is what inside the tvbox. I followed steps in first page to boosting using sd card: - Downloaded and burned Multitool to sd card - Pluged in sd card to tvbox and powered it on, it's worked, then i chose Erase flash, then shut it down. - Unpluged sd card, downloaded, unzip and burned Armbian focal current kernel 5.10.y to sd card - Pluged in sd card to tvbox and powered it on again, the led turned bright blue as soon as i plug in power cord, then nothing happen. Seems like my tvbox is bricked ? Is there anything i can do now ? Thank you ! Picture upload problem, but in the board i see MXQ_RK3229_EMCP_v4.0
  6. Hi guys, i have some issues. I wanted to boot from sd card and followed the instructions: first erase flash using multitool, then burn focal xfce desktop file to sd card then plugin but the led light didn't blink, nothing happened. I dont know what's problem, please help @jock sorry for my bad English