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  1. Hi, Can you guide me for proxy configuration. because, I set it automatically and manually available in Network-> Network proxy but not working.
  2. Hello sir, I am trying to build kernel in my host system. My host system is configured with ubuntu 20.04 and trying to run file. But i am getting "502 connection closed" error. Please find below attachment
  3. Hello sir, Thank you for response. Actually, I want to integrate Quectel EC200S-CN LTE modem with pine64 board. For LTE integration, we need to modify option.c ,qcserial.c, usb_wwan.c, and usb-wwan.h. Additionally we need to enable some of the features through menuconfig command. As per our understanding, we need to first download kernel source in any of linux host system. After that do required change in above given file and perform procedures: 1). make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- menuconfig 2). make -j$(nproc) ARCH=arm CRO
  4. Hi, I am start using pine64-LTS board and currently installing new OS in SD card successfully. Please check below result of "uname -a" according to my board. "Linux pine64so 5.10.34-sunxi64 #21.05.1 SMP Fri May 7 15:50"19 UTC 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux" Now, I want to modify or add some features through kernel. Please guide me how to get kernel source and rebuild process.
  5. Hi, I brought new pine64 board and installing OS in SD card. This OS considering kernel 5.10.34 and now I want to modify some of the kernel features. For that, please guide me how to download kernel source and rebuild it for pine64.