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  1. Hi all! How are you? I am here again because we continue with our project to give schools an option with tv boxes as and cheap computer. @fabiobassaand @jock Last year I bricked a tv box because it has a emcp chip and I did not read carefully your instructions. Now I am here again with another box that I bought to validade the project but I think it came with an emcp module again. I was not able to find a datasheet to confirm that. Perhaps you could help me. Follow bellow the image. And I am trying to boot this box with an SD with multitool and that does not boot. It stays on black screen. (I have tested the sd on another box and it works fine and this box is booting android fine too.) Tks a lot!
  2. Hi, yes, I am from Brazil. I have bought on a local pirate store. Knowing your address I can check the price for sending via mail. Then I can check what is cheaper: sending you the bricked box or sending you money so you can buy on a local store. If this is not a problem for you of course. Regards, Charles Bauer
  3. Hi Jock! I definetly have not read. I have not opened the box before installing armbian. My mistake. @fabiobassasend me an e-mail to charlesbauer@gmail.com with your address than I will send to you the box. Regards, Charles Bauer
  4. Hi all! I have bricked my new mx9 pro! hehe I have installed armbian via stepnand and it does not show anything on the screen now. No signal! I have tried to recognize it through otg cable but windows did not detect it. Have you seen it? I am not sure if the memory is nand. During the instalation I think it has said that is. But I am not completily right. See below the photos of the board. Any help will be appreciated because I want to buy another one and try again. Thank you guy! your are awesome! Charles Bauer charlesbauer@gmail.com
  5. Hi @jock! Tks for have written multitool! Let me ask, is it open source? I would like do modify multitool to convert the tv box without asking any question. It would be nice to have it because we have to convert 700 boxes per hour until the end of the year. And as we are planning a industry process to do that we need to optimize every part of our process. Thank you a lot!
  6. Hi Fabio! I will definitely do that. It was my failure due to the anxiety of creating the document and sharing our evolution. How should I reference you? By nicknames? Regards, Charles Bauer
  7. Hi @RaptorSDS, 1 - I just have access to NAND boxes till now. As long as during our project we got other kinds We will write other tutorials. That´s what I expect to do. 2- I did not got what you mean. Should I format the SD card before writing multitool.img? 3 - I did not got what you mean. Shoul I change the order of the modifications? I used vi because it´s what I know. Thanks for the feedbacks!
  8. In English: I would like to share a Portuguese tutorial to help installing armbian on RK3228 TV BOX model MXQ PRO. This tutorial helps dealing with black screen after first reboot, configuring Wifi, keyboard and Language. The link to the tutorial is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v0bS7mFausicoExFPDP2PR-PKZeeeC3Di75XyB1g0AQ/edit?usp=sharing and can be found on this site too: https://www.gluee.com.br/index.php/learning-box Em Português: Eu gostaria de compartilhar este tutorial em Português para ajudar na instalação do Armbian na TV BOX MXQ PRO com processador RK3228. Este tutorial ajuda a tratar a tela preta após o primeiro boot, configurar wifi, teclado e idioma. O link para o tutorial é https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v0bS7mFausicoExFPDP2PR-PKZeeeC3Di75XyB1g0AQ/edit?usp=sharing e também pode ser encontrado no site https://www.gluee.com.br/index.php/learning-box
  9. I forgot to mention that we cannot use Android because it would be too easy to use the box again to watch pirate videos. And that would not be nice for the government to have they donated boxes used to bad things.
  10. So the problem seems to be on Mali driver? I will ask them to help us. Perhaps they could be interested on the project. Regards, Charles Bauer
  11. Hi all, Just to share how this project is important. We are working with our government to convert 500.000 tv boxes in Desktops to use on public Schools. It´s a social project that I am leading. (https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=en&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gluee.com.br%2Findex.php%2Flearning-box&sandbox=1) We are already using Libreoffice and some IDE for programming on the pilot TV box. The next phase is to try to use Google Classrom and to try to achieve good performance on a browser and youtube videos. Any help will be valuable. Regards and thanks for all!
  12. Hi Jock! cpu-stability on overlays resolved the problem. Tks. No I will work on the other ones! tks!
  13. Hmm I was understanding that each piece give me 1gb. But the right answer is that each give me 128mb and it is 8 to give me the 1gb that I have right? My apologies for not knowing and not having experience reading the datasheet. Knowing that, could I use the nand memory as swap? I am having trouble with the apps that are crashing and I think, not sure, that the problem is out of memory. When I mean apps I am saying for example the web browser is even running apt to install other apps. The crash freezes the box after some code on the screen or without code too.
  14. The image above is from the front. Send now because before I did not see how to attach more images.
  15. Hi, I have a tv box with rk3228 cpu and it´s working almost fine with armbian. I am having some issues but I am o working on it and I expect to provide useful tutorial here. I am working on get everything done and fine because we espect to tranform tv boxes on desktops to use on public schools here. What I need to know is how to do armbian recognize all my memory. My armbian is recognizing just 1GB and I think that it has more based on the chips it have. I am using this image: Armbian_21.05.1_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_xfce_desktop.img.xz The pic below shows my board.. This is the back and in front there are more 4 of this ones. tks in advance.
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