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  1. Thank you tkaiser and FordPerfect for such detailed answers. I bought the heatsink with the cooler because I am planning to use OpiPC as a home central point which will run, lamp, torrent daemon with web ui, vpn, lan file sharing between linux/android machines so I thought it will be good to have the processor cooled enough. I would also like to make several of this services available to the internet. To be honestly I did not consult this forum before on this matter. Anyway my initial thoughts were to cool the processor so that it just wouldnt literally burn while I am not at hom
  2. Hello Armbians, I am a newbie here so maybe this topic has been already discussed, if so just point me to it. Thank you. I have several TP Link routers (MR-3020, MR3420) that I would like to play with, especially usin serial connection. Since I am also a newbie in this area too I would like to know if it is possible to use Orange Pi Pc board or any other Orange board to connect to those routers separately without buying those little usb to uart ttl adapters. And if it is possible, which pins from Orange board to use, those 3 TTL pins or the others from the GPIO row. Thank you
  3. Greetings, Firstly I would like to say that I really appreciate the work that has been done by this wonderful community of developers and users of Armbian. Secondly I am sorry if the problems that I describe here have been already discussed. I have not found anything alike. So I am a proud owner of the OPi PC board. Everything seems to be OK, except some fan issues. What have I done until now: 1. Installed Armbian Jessie Server with RPi Monitor 2. Added a. heatsink on the SoC and RAM chips b. Pi Fan with the case The problems: 1. The fan does not work if connected to