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  1. @Igor thank you. I thought it had something to do with that file. The documentation is not very clear on specific commads that you can addk to that file. Do I put "apt-get install #packages" in the file or do i just list the packages or do something along the lines of what zador is suggesting @zador Thanks, I just tried what you suggested but it did not work. I added a file lib.config in the userpatches folder with. Do I have to reference that file in customize-image.sh? if I do how do I do that? again thanks you for the hep
  2. Ok, so I am bit of a linux noob. I understand the basics, and compiled my first image from source today, and hey it works! What I am trying to do is, build a image that has the packages that I need preinstalled. Packages that I need are(nfs-kernel-server, samba, speedtest-cli, openvpn, and a few other) I tend to muck up my installation quite frequently, as I play around with settings too much. What I had been doing is cloning the sd card with dd, but I am looking for a better more reliable way, that gives a fresh install each time. I didn't know whether I could edit the list of pa