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  1. scooby

    apt upgrade

    Thanks Igor, the update notification is now working as it should. Changing the permission solved the problem. I still getting the same cron-message “run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/log2ram exited with return code 1" every morning. Do you know the reason for this? I am running the OS from usb.
  2. scooby

    apt upgrade

    Of course, you are right Igor, the command just set the permission and nothing else. I decided to wait but I still had the same message showing up the next day. Then I tried to do a manual update and that worked like a charm. Didn't I wait long enough or do I have some trouble with the daily cron? You see, I have got the same cron message "run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/log2ram exited with return code 1" every morning now for some time but cannot recall when it started. Could it be related?
  3. scooby

    apt upgrade

    I tried your suggestion Igor but it did not make any difference. However, i did not remove the file "-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 65 nov 26 04:06 updates.number" as guidol suggested, do I have to do that first?
  4. scooby

    apt upgrade

    Mine is: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 65 nov 26 04:06 updates.number Ok, perhaps I can rename it first to see what happens! I wonder what makes this to happen? there must be a reason!
  5. scooby

    apt upgrade

    Hmm..., so what could be done to"thaw" that message up?
  6. Hi, Is there anyone out there who could explain why I cannot do any upgrade on my Cubox i4 anymore? On boot it looks like this: [ 0 security updates available, 9 updates total: apt upgrade ] Last check: 2017-11-26 04:06 Thanks!
  7. Hi, I am also experiencing a sudden stop in the boot of mainline 4.9.7 image after the line "booting the kernel". I am using Cubox model I4x4-300-D. A dd of older version 4.7.3 is working just fine! BR/Scooby
  8. Thanks for the information Igor. PS, you are all doing a fantastic work!
  9. Hi all, This is my first post! My cubox-i4x4 won’t boot with a second usb device plugged in. I am running the latest version of Armbian Jessie (Vanilla Kernel). I have done “nand-sata-install†booting rootfs from usb flash memory. Someone having a clue?