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  1. Thanks for the answer, man! It clarified things a lot. Just as a general update about my main problem that might help someone in the future, I insisted a little bit more and was able to solve my problem. I had to manually build the driver because the built-in one wasn't working thanks to some calibration functions. Not at all related to Armbian but the Linux kernel as a whole. My adapter has the mt7601u chip. It worked fine after these steps: https://askubuntu.com/a/1207160
  2. Hello. I'm a newbie, so bear with me here. I managed to install Armbian on a TV box with the Amlogic s905w CPU. Everything seems to be working fine except for the wi-fi, which is expected based on what I've read on the forum. I had a USB wi-fi adapter with me so I tried to use that as an alternative but it doesn't seem to work no matter what I do. My question is very straightforward actually, and probably a dumb one but it doesn't hurt to ask. When we say wi-fi doesn't work on Amlogic CPUs, we're talking about Armbian recognizing their built-in wifi card, right? If I use something external to that it should be able to work regardless of the processor? Or are we talking about two things that can't be separated?
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