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  1. Yes i read, he got a MX10, mine is a Pro version. I think my is with ddr4 ram onstead of ddr3 I read post but I haven't found any help to boot my box Yes, I posted here because of that post, as I cant load miniloader to install armbian
  2. @fabiobassa @jock ok, ty again. I dont'have any uart at home, I'm afraid. Will try to find one from my friend I'll start over from scratch and I will post some screenshot with more infos to help you guys to help me. for Jock questions: 1 boot into android, no prompt 2 ignore sd and usb, boot to android with no issues 3 actually no. I'm pretty sure it is a 3328 as I can read from inxi, but I will detach the fixed cooler to read codes on the chip.
  3. @jock of course it's not "your", I wrote this way to say "this different file you just linked". multitool simply doesn't work in my box, no SD boot nor emmc flash, so I'm trying to load everything I find on the web.
  4. @hexdumpthank you mate, but as you can see my box is different from yours. Btw, I found that some version of H96 boxes are almost a clone of MX10Pro like mine. And yes, my box has SD boot and USB boot locked in some way, so I would flash emmc to boot a nice linux distro. I tried first of all to flash new android firmware, few versions, but none working. Even stock firmaware I found was unable to flash. Now I got it with android 7.1 but it doesn't recognize wifi-bt module, nor LAN port... Well, I think is another paperweight on my desk...
  5. @jock Just recompiled rkdeveloptool with your new one, but still no luck. Maybe it's my MiniLoaderAll not working. but I can't remember where I downloaded it from... This is what I using: RK3328MiniLoaderAll_V2.50.bin
  6. @jockThank you, I'll try again with your rktool. Could you upload a working miniloader.img too? This is my stuff:
  7. Could you @fabiobassare-upload your miniloader.bin please? The link in your post is outdated Maybe it's my miniloader a bugged one or not a right version. It's really difficult to find it on the web, downloads from old web pages no longer works thank you
  8. I just recompiled from scratch rkdeveloptool I got issues with libudev and dh-autoreconf but I think it happens because I use Manjaro instead of deb based distro btw, make is gone ok without errors but still that "Creating Comm Object failed!"
  9. Thank you guys @fabiobassa 1) I did it thru pacman with pre-built bin from git-hub repo; but I will try to do it starting from dkms 2) I think everything is ok, but I will check again 3)a Bus 001 Device 009: ID 2207:320c Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Company RK3328 in Mask ROM mode 3)b - without?... 4) the rear only one, close to spdif jack @MattWestB yeah Matt, I only using Linux environment. Please share me your loader, maybe mine is not the right one (although mine is a pure rk3328 not rk3328A)
  10. thank you guys @fabiobassayes, I did it of course (even inside or outside directory files) but still getting same error @jockof course, with sudo and sudo su command, but same error reported Seems my rom is locked by hardware stuff, since I can't flash any firmware, custom or stock, android or linux I tried at least a dozen of different .img Still surprised I was not able to brick this s*it!... btw, thank you all so much for your help screenshot of my terminal: terminal commands p.s. sorry but I'm not able to reply over one time per day. I will reply tomorrow, or please send me private messages. I'll report here every good news of my attempts
  11. Hi all, this is my first post here, ciao! I'm following this 3d from few days coz I'm trying to install armbian on my MX10Pro 4k (4/32) with RK3328 equipped. I'm stuck with @fabiobassainstructions on my Manjaro shell, where " rkdeveloptool db my_miniloader.bin is responding to me with: Creating comm object failed! I trying to find some info here by searching, but still no luck. What can I try next? Thank you
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