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  1. I've been trying to post photos, but I keep getting the same error on this site -- not sure what it's about.
  2. @SteeManno, that's not the one I have, but thanks for searching. I tried looking at the chip info but couldn't tell where to look -- do you have an example to show me where to find the chip and/or board information? Currently having trouble posting pics (Error code: -200)
  3. Hey all, trying to throw a Linux distro on an Android TV Box I found at Goodwill. Not too much info on what company makes it, what the specs are etc. -- it's unfortunately too old to connect to the Google Play Store at this point (running android Jellybean). The only markings on it are on the top of the case saying RBOX, but I have yet to find any other device like it on any site. It's a red and black square case, for what that's worth. I also haven't been able to boot to the BIOS/bootloader menu, even holding the reset button -- all that happens is the little Android mascot says its loading then after a few seconds it "dies" (red triangle-shaped thing above the body) only to reboot again. I can boot to the normal OS just fine, but cant do much once there. As such, I haven't found a way to boot off of a USB stick, SD card, etc. just whatever is built in to it. Any help, advice, or info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have an old Android TV Box (affectionately named RBOX) -- having trouble finding any specs or hardware information for it, and I'm trying to see if I can throw on a Linux distro to turn it into a micro-server (either via USB or SD Card). Has anyone ever seen one of these, know what kind of hardware is in it? (CPU, firmware, etc.?) Any reccomendations on which distro to use? I tried Bullseye Armbian to no avail.
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