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  1. Hey @all, like some others here I tried to reanimate my good old X7 by using Linux but like all the others here I'm not able to get builtin WiFi to work with the actual Armbian releases ... :-( A few years ago I followed this description to install Ubuntu 12.04 on the device but after upgrading to 14.04 a new kernel was needed, to be able to upgrade to a newer version. Because I'm not very good at building new images I tried to contact the developer of the initially used Armbian image (Linuxium) but he unfortunately had no appropriate device to play with. On his GitHub site there are some rk3188 kernel repositories (3188-SRC-AP6210 and 3188-SRC-ORIG) containing ".config" files. @balbes150: Could these ".config" files possibly help solving the above WiFi issues? cu Lanzi
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