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  1. hi yesterday I was able put armbian on emmc and boot from emmc without SD/USB on s905. may be it can help?
  2. Hi all who have s905 and want to boot armbian from emmc ) I have Tronsmart Vega S96 Meta with 2Gb Ram and 8 Gb ROM (actually 7,2 Gb emmc) Some time I used TV Box with armbian 20.08 kernel 5,9 from @balbes150 (thanks for this build) Recently I find out there is armbian ophub with new kernels - Armbian 22.08.0-trunk Bullseye with Linux 5.15.55 I tried it and than decide to try move armbian to emmc. I spent a few day to manualy boot from emmc. It worked out. And I wrote instruction (on Russian only, sorry) and try adopt armbian-install.sh script to my needs. Please use google-translate to read. You can find instruction and script to move armbian to emmc here https://github.com/d51x/armbian-s905 There are compiled kernel and ramdisk in example folder. The kernel support option blkdevparts. Original kernel from ophub don't has it. I moved armbian from different SD card and USB SSD several time with both methods - manualy and script. Flashed android firmware and then move armbian to emmc again. You do all this at your own peril and risk. You have to be ready to unbrick eour device ))) If something does not work out according to my instructions, try to figure it out yourself. Thank to @pista and @hexdump posts for information i used in my work.
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