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  1. not at all, since it doesn't even boot. also, i dont have a serial adapter. however, i managed to boot an initramfs base of an armbian image (with filename: Armbian_23.05.0-trunk-e33842ef2_Rk322x-box_lunar_edge_6.2.9_xfce_desktop.img) by using dd with uInitrd and skipping the first 64 bytes(based from openwrt). for the other partitions, i basically just followed this, the only difference is that i use the stock uboot and trust from stock android rom, then i packed a resource image using the 'rk322x-box.dtb' from mentioned armbian image. sadly after a reboot it wont boot at all. but i managed to get the dmesg log: dmesg.log
  2. well the issue is every armbian image i tried, from legacy to current to nightly is not working. after flashing the image, it always just having a red led light. as for the loader, that was a different issue i first encountered. I dont have an sdcard adapter so i tried following installation without SD card. but the loader you provided is working, so that issue was fixed. i cant provide any logs since its not letting me boot. as for the photos, i only have a phone with crappy camera but here you go. https://pasteboard.co/l8KSsAa4dRpl.jpg https://pasteboard.co/OEJ7FqqOIQ8w.jpg https://pasteboard.co/YaQJLnCNfKLP.jpg
  3. after banging my head against the wall for while, i realized that all armbian image i use is not working because of device tree files. if i use the provided rk322x-box.dtb (the board is rk3228 btw), it's not working at all, its only having a red led light. but if i use the dtb file from stock android rom, its showing blue led light but its stuck on splash screen. i don't have access to its console so i cant check the status but could anyone check my device tree to make it compatible with armbian? heres the dts file: dt.dts thanks in advance
  4. hi, i'm new to the forum. i have an rk3228 emmc board, and im trying the the Installation (without SD card, board with eMMC) from 1st page. however, its stuck on the "Downloading bootloader" so i think the bootloader provided in the tutorial isn't comatible with it. i tried to pack a bootloader with rkdeveloptool, but its always saying "Saving entry (rk322x_ddr_400MHz_v1.09.bin) failed: Cannot get file size.". i dont have access to its serial console, i don't have a USB to TTL device.
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