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  1. There is an issue filed for this on github. Use edge to build a new image. I am currently running edge with a btrfs filesystem from yesterday.
  2. I can confirm this as well. I have been using it since Friday. I am planning to rebuild with btrfs support as I just did that with my OrangePi3-LTS and it is working really well, but I use that as a desktop PC.
  3. Two days ago I was able to build a minimal server installation of Bullseye Armbian for this board with no problems. My sd card crashed and I built the img file in tmp on a VM machine, so no backup (I know, live and learn). Last night I tried building this img again, minimal server, desktop and all the bells and whistles, but it keeps failing. Here is what I get: LD [M] drivers/staging/rtl8723cs/8723cs.o AR drivers/built-in.a GEN .version CHK include/generated/compile.h UPD include/generated/compile.h CC init/version.o AR init/built-in.a LD vmlinux.o MODPOST vmlinux.symvers MODINFO modules.builtin.modinfo GEN modules.builtin LD .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms1 scripts/sign-file.c: In function ‘display_openssl_errors’: scripts/sign-file.c:89:9: warning: ‘ERR_get_error_line’ is deprecated: Since OpenSSL 3.0 [-Wdeprecated-declarations] 89 | while ((e = ERR_get_error_line(&file, &line))) { 411 | unsigned long ERR_get_error_line(const char **file, int *line); scripts/sign-file.c: In function ‘drain_openssl_errors’: scripts/sign-file.c:102:9: warning: ‘ERR_get_error_line’ is deprecated: Since OpenSSL 3.0 [-Wdeprecated-declarations] 102 | while (ERR_get_error_line(&file, &line)) {} 411 | unsigned long ERR_get_error_line(const char **file, int *line); scripts/extract-cert.c: In function ‘display_openssl_errors’: scripts/extract-cert.c:46:9: warning: ‘ERR_get_error_line’ is deprecated: Since OpenSSL 3.0 [-Wdeprecated-declarations] 46 | while ((e = ERR_get_error_line(&file, &line))) { 411 | unsigned long ERR_get_error_line(const char **file, int *line); scripts/extract-cert.c: In function ‘drain_openssl_errors’: scripts/extract-cert.c:59:9: warning: ‘ERR_get_error_line’ is deprecated: Since OpenSSL 3.0 [-Wdeprecated-declarations] 59 | while (ERR_get_error_line(&file, &line)) {} 411 | unsigned long ERR_get_error_line(const char **file, int *line); make: *** [Makefile:1185: vmlinux] Error 1 [ error ] ERROR in function compile_kernel [ main.sh:589 -> main.sh:490 -> compilation.sh:507 -> general.sh:0 ] [ error ] Kernel was not built [ @host ] [ o.k. ] Process terminated
  4. After boot up on the main tty ARMBIAN runs a script that prints out the current temp in centigrade. Where can I change this to use F instead of C? I did not see it in the armbian-config program.
  5. It doesn't look like this will work with the USB daughterboard.
  6. Anyone know how to set the compile.sh script to use a newer kernel instead of the 4.9 series?
  7. However, tomorrow I will start working on making a 22.05 build for OPIZero2 with a new 5.15.25 kernel, which should be able to run docker on it. I just created a new Bullseye build for my OPI3-LTS board and docker is working on it. Where as before I had to use the image from the OrangePi website to get it to even boot.
  8. I downloaded the new image from the OrangePi website for this board. It works good, but it may never be updated as the vendor is not very good at supporting it. As the kernel developers work more on these style of boards, it will float downstream into Armbian. The best advice I can give is help out here in Armbian the best you can and it may work in the future.
  9. I would like to do this. I have a Orange Pi 3 LTS and a Orange Pi Zero 2 Plus. I have plenty of SD cards and some time in the evenings to do this and it helps me out. I also have a Raspberry Pi 4b 4gb, and plan on purchasing a RockPro64 soon and in the future a RK3588 system and a cheap RISC-V system. Sorry, my github ID is NeoFax75.
  10. OK, well the solution is that the kernel needs the cgroup.freeze feature which is only in kernels above 4.15. Which I am running Linux 4.9.255-sun50iw9 aarch64. I am going to try and see if one of the other newer builds will boot and go from there tomorrow.
  11. I have docker running on a OrangePi Zero2, but it seems portainer is having problems. Here is the error I get:
  12. That will work, just will have to get the Marvell 9230 card from somewhere other than Pine64 as theirs only has 2 SATA connections.
  13. I am looking for an affordable SBC card that will work as a solid NAS system that I can also run alongside either TrueNas/FreeNAS/OMV such as Grafana, VPN, Docker. Anything above $100 USD is unfeasible for me right now.
  14. I have tried 3 Orange Pi 3 images on my orange Pi 3 LTS. None of them will mount the root fs and continue booting. It shows btrfs, but the partition is ext4 and the armbianEnv.txt file has the correct UUID and ext4 stated. I can boot an image from the OrangePi website, so I am 99% certain it is not the power supply or sd card.
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