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  1. My OPI PC+ has been shelved for a while (but not before hooking up via HDMI to a next gen e-ink diplay showing Game of Thrones video, hehe). I never got wifi to work correctly on it, but this bug seems to have been resolved. If I wanted to set up a wifi repeater/extender (lead wall paint) would it be worthwhile to use a OPI Zero (I might have trouble with setting with video via pins), or use the OPI PC+? Any directions or links to setting up an Armbian as a repeater/extender?
  2. Yes, thank you! I have run into some very specific issues (wifi and screen resolution), but a quick search of the forums troubleshoots these quite well. My main problems is that I am a Linux noob, so there is a general learning curve beyond my hardware understanding. Thanks again!
  3. Having the same problem with OPI PC Plus. I think it was more stable before a Jesse Desktop update yesterday (installed a few days ago).
  4. This is a bit different but similar. How to boot after shutdown on OPI PC Plus? It seems I need to unplug the device before the start button works (or maybe it doesn't work at all and resetting power reboots?).
  5. Redacted! Cooking, cooking, cooking.