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  1. Have you checked the following? It seems that there's a version of the linux-dtb-legacy package without the the dtb files for the NanoPi M4 board, and the board won't start without one. I'm not sure if new images are shipping with that version or not and or even if this issue applies to non-legacy kernel. In any case, I'd suggest trying an older (archived) image of whichever variant your trying to use just to be sure (https://armbian.systemonachip.net/archive/nanopim4v2/archive/). CG
  2. Thanks for this suggestion, @gilarelli. I could not manage to find what actually went wrong in the upgrade from 21.08 to 22.02 but I could also verify that downgrading those four packages back to 21.08 fixed the issue. Regarding the apt issue in the chroot env you mentioned, it was either a missing/misconfigured /etc/resolv.conf in the chroot env or if it wasn't a dns issue, you might have not mounted /dev in the env? Regarding the latter, I know that apt makes use of /dev/null, for example. In my case, I mounted /dev and /run in addition to /proc and /sys, cleaned apt cache, rebuilt the lists, and was able to implement the solution (downgrading the culprit packages) using apt alone. For anyone interested, I documented the temporary fix suggested by @gilarelli in more detail on my blog post about the NanoPi-M4 mini-NAS (see the Recovery procedures section): https://cgomesu.com/blog/Nanopi-m4-mini-nas/#recovery-procedures. CG
  3. I'm having the same issue as @StormMaster. I was running buster with legacy kernel. Issue started happening after the latest apt upgrade. Will troubleshoot this later today. CG
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