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  1. This subject is precisely my question: so 3D video acceleration is already enabled by default? In some post the developer had said that he had disabled it. Sorry if I didn't pay attention to some previous explanation, but I'm confused about this topic, even if I can disable/enable it through some command via Terminal.
  2. Are you able to use which web browsers there? Here only Falkon works, but it is surprisingly good. I'm satisfied, but on another installation, also on an H96 Max, but 64 GB, I can use Chromium ^.^ I don't know what's going on, but the input/output error has appeared even when using the default browser. @paradigmanI think it was because you didn't actually make a backup, but instead created an image of the system. In this case the procedure takes everything, including empty spaces, without files. Hence when you are going to reinsert into another HD/SSD/eMMC the target needs to be at least the exact size, or greater. It is worth mentioning that if the target is a device with higher storage, the system will only recognize the size of the image you created, so you need to use an application to "stretch" the image and fill everything. For example, taking an image of a 32GB device and then installing it on a 64GB device. On Linux AMD64 system I have always used Gparted, but apparently here, on ARM64, it is necessary to use what was mentioned by @jock Speaking of backup, if anyone can, give me a tip on how to use the Back in Time application on Armbian by responding to this topic. I'd like incremental snapshots of file system to be restored at a later date to undo all changes to the system.
  3. I have new problems with my H96 Max (rk3318): 1. I successfully installed kde-full, it seems to run smoothly, but there are no close, minimize, and maximize icons in the windows. The solution I found out there would be to make changes via decor app, but unity-window-decorator seems unavailable, even for installation. Problem solved! First I installed the kubuntu-desktop package, and then it includes the application to change the window menu, and then I installed kde-full to get all kde apps; 2. Another problem is the snap apps not working. It seems to be missing some graphical connection, as they are installed via Terminal. In this case I installed Chromium, Firefox and Snap Store. Message appears that "cannot change locale", "mkdir: cannot create directory '/run/user/0': permission denied", "no protocol specified", "unable to init server" and finally "error: cannot open display: :.0". In the case of Chromium, there is a suggestion to run with --no-sandbox, but the same error messages appear, with "error:ozone_platform_x11.cc(247) Missing X server or $Display" and "The platform failed to initialize. Exiting". For now the only working web browser here is Falkon. Problem solved! Debian: Chromium works; Ubuntu: no!
  4. A new question: would I be able to virtualize the Armbian image from this topic using a PC with a snapdragon 7c processor, install some apps, insert a new default wallpaper, export in IMG and the installation would work normally?
  5. Hey guys, how are snap apps behaving with you? I installed snapd via terminal, then core, snap-store and firefox, but the latter two don't run, at least not with a graphical interface. The only snap app I was able to get working here was Chromium. By the way, this only worked via snap. Is it possible to run, with GUI, Firefox and snap-store by adding something? *** Update: oh-oh, I need to download Armbian_21.11.0-trunk_Rk3318-box_bullseye_edge_5.14.14_minimal.img.xz, where can I find it?. Chromium, either install via apt or snap, is not working with Armbian 22.02 - Debian Bullseye minimal - mainline kernel 5.15.25 on H96 Max. Update 2: is GPU acceleration on (Armbian 22.02 - Debian Bullseye minimal)? Update 3: I found Armbian_21.11.0-trunk_Rk3318-box_bullseye_edge_5.14.14_minimal.img.xz file, but the Chromium browser, installed via apt or snap, doesn't work. In a installation I did months ago on another H96 Max it works. I believe that there has been some recent change in the codes of this web browser. For now I installed Falkon, but it is not based on the Chromium project, and Vivaldi (deb file), but this second freezes the system. All other famous web browsers on the market I was not successful. In the case of Chromium, an error appears mentioning that it should be run with --no-sandbox, but it also doesn't work with this addition. There seems to be an error related to graphics or hardware acceleration. I will try to install an old Chromium version: sudo apt -f install chromium=83.0.4103.116-1~deb10u3 chromium-common=83.0.4103.116-1~deb10u3 Update 4: general web browser error: "input/output" in a pop-up. I've installed the system several times, different versions say. As there are no problem reports here on the forum, it may be a problem on my local network.
  6. Hey guys, I searched for "snap" in the Software application and "Back In Time" appeared with a graphical interface 🤣 I'm so glad Armbian read my mind. 🤭 Now I'm trying to configure: I don't know which system folder I should choose for backup (in the future I want to restore only the system) and where to save the snapshots.
  7. I need something like TimeShift or Systemback (other examples). I tested these two apps that I've always used on Linux distros, but they didn't work on Armbian. I'd like incremental snapshots of file system to be restored at a later date to undo all changes to the system.
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