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  1. does anyone using H96max rk 3318 ? want to know if there's an easy way to make the led (digital clock) turn on
  2. and also, is it ok to re-run rk3318-config and change some options/parameters after some days usage ? will it cause any problem/conflicts with system ?
  3. hi @jock, about rk3318-config , i'm using H96 Max rk3318 4/64 (Black PCB) 1. should i choose emmc DDR Mode or emmc HS200 Mode ? currently i don't choose any of these options since i'm not sure which one suits my device 2. there are LED Presets, but not H96Max, is one of them support my board ? currently i choose the last option (generic/unlisted) kindly let me know if you need a photo of my device board to help me choose the right options Thanks !
  4. hi @jock, i was hoping if you build an ubuntu focal image rather than ubuntu jammy, tested your ubuntu jammy it works including bluetooth and wifi but feels heavy in my H96 Max (black PCB), also tested balbes150's ubuntu focal it works smooth (feels lighter) but wifi and bluetooth doesn't work.
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