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  1. what we need to find? ~taken from a working kernel 6.6 mainline~ dmesg: rfkill: journalctl -b | grep Bluetooth gpioinfo
  2. can you list the improvements? sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade
  3. Updating some HDMi Audio fix K510 V7, no HDMi audio until now Found this HDMI fix sudo systemctl status ap6335-bluetooth gpioinfo rfkill Full dmesg journalctl -b | grep Bluetooth
  4. Updating some bluetooth fix K610 V12, doesn't work, but it was there on HCi Line talking.... sudo systemctl status ap6335-bluetooth gpioinfo rfkill Full dmesg journalctl -b | grep Bluetooth
  5. Updating here some bluetooth fix K610 V11, doesn't work, but it was there.... gpioinfo Full dmesg rfkill journalctl -b | grep Bluetooth sudo systemctl status ap6335-bluetooth Found some answer in other forums: Could be Pull down or Pull Up pins on UART
  6. Tencent box Aurora 5 Pro was probably a better experience than H96MAX could give you H96MAX V58 = more expensive than an open source SBC H96MAX V58 = not reliable EMMC or RAM chips
  7. Can Somebody help? Wifi works, but, bluetooth dont... This is the Kernel 6.1 image V11
  8. If the board is not detected on your PC, try pressing the reset button behind the audio jack connector, and keeping it pressed for two seconds while giving power to the board and then try again with the male-to-male cable.
  9. Can Somebody help? Wifi works, but, bluetooth dont... $ rfkill ID TYPE DEVICE SOFT HARD 0 bluetooth hci0 blocked unblocked 1 wlan phy0 unblocked unblocked 2 bluetooth hci1 blocked unblocked dmesg
  10. it will never happend.... I promess you. my next project will be RK3576 rk3588 desnt make sense for a TV box.... cheap EMMC, Cheap WIFI, cheap RAM, and big price.
  11. UEFI Release today https://github.com/hqnicolas/h96v56_uefi/releases/tag/v1.2.1
  12. Today I Build the UEFI for this board https://github.com/hqnicolas/h96v56_uefi/releases/tag/v1.2.1 edit: It doesn't worth the effort.... This board isn't made with UEFI in mind, it's too limited
  13. this part of the story I know, this is from where i came from 3318 -> 3328 -> 3566 ... I never went through this transition from nand to emmc
  14. I don't have this board. in my mind https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/v22.08 will build for armhf.... I parachuted in here, and I've learned a few things already.... I'll let the professionals answer.
  15. nand is really necessary, but I wanted to understand why SD cards didn't suffer from the lack of FTL software. I was thinking of why we couldn't just run NAND as sdhci but SD cards have cotroller inside.....
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