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  1. I translated it wrong 0x0f 15 PB7 https://github.com/hqnicolas/ArmBoardBringUp/blob/main/patch/kernel/archive/rockchip64-6.6/dt/rk3566-h96-tvbox.dts Testing.....
  2. analysing DTS File From H96_MAX Kernel 6.6 Using this method From Kernel 6.6: It's the same as Firefly board I have tested the pin12 from HCY6335 with kernel 6.2 it receives 1.8v with kernel 6.6 it receives 0.0v From Kernel 6.2: From Kernel 6.2: GPIO Definition: Applyed changes here: https://github.com/hqnicolas/ArmBoardBringUp/blob/main/patch/kernel/archive/rockchip64-6.6/dt/rk3566-h96-tvbox.dts Testing..............
  3. I'm working here too, I reflash my device with the official github armbian compiled and extracted again the DTB to DTS rk3566-h96max.dtsrk3566-firefly-roc-pc.dts RK3566-firefly-roc-pc = DTS Kernel 6.2 RK3566-h96max = DTS Kernel 6.6 The regulator is TCS4525 and i'ts the same as the Armbian Repo!
  4. WOW! huge thanks! I didn't know about image generation, I believe that now everything will flow better here.
  5. Pull Request was approved today on Github we can now clone from main. git clone https://github.com/armbian/build.git The H96-max Files can be fount at https://github.com/hqnicolas/ArmBoardBringUp
  6. I don't have time to test wifi, if you be the wifi guy, please use this method to fix the wifi power management or communication: the process will be: compare two decompiled DTS. The old that wifi work and the new 6.6 without wifi and use it to fix the Board bring UP file RK3566-firefly-roc-pc = DTS Kernel 6.2 RK3566-h96max = DTS Kernel 6.6 rk3566-firefly-roc-pc.dtsrk3566-h96max.dts
  7. at kernel 6.6 your wifi work? how? I think wifi was wrong.... thats the current DTS: You can Use it to compare with the original DTB -> DTS file and figure out any error on This DTS file that bring board UP
  8. I dont know about overlays I have uploaded new bluetooth images to drive @pocosparc https://forum.armbian.com/topic/28895-efforts-to-develop-firmware-for-h96-max-v56-rk3566-8g64g/?do=findComment&comment=187569
  9. I dont wanna take this risks with drivers, you can create a Github Pull Request to armbian too. your wifi was working? dont need any fix? i think you wont need to change DTB anymore, just need the kernel 6 binary to brcm4335
  10. I'm uploading all bluetooth updated images again sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler you can: dtc -I dtb -O dts h96-tv-box-3566.dtb -o h96-tv-box-3566.dts edit the DTS file to work with wifi and reverse it: dtc -I dts -O dtb -o H96-tvbox-3566-wifi.dtb H96-tvbox-3566-wifi.dts apply it on device i think you will need to find the brcmfmac4335-sdio.firefly,rk3566-roc-pc.bin for kernel 6.6 it was working on 6.2
  11. I'm trying to figureout what you change on DTS to edit the Github PR in that way. Just add: dma-names = "tx\0rx"; as you can see: https://github.com/hqnicolas/build/blob/9d0d690fe33a022c302ac538c4ecdd3dcacb482d/patch/kernel/archive/rockchip64-6.6/overlay/rockchip-rk3568-hk-uart1.dts#L12 Other boards have the same patch and I copy it: https://github.com/hqnicolas/build/blob/main/patch/kernel/archive/rockchip64-6.6/dt/rk3566-h96-tvbox.dts about the file, I just add it to the wifi external patch: Wifi Driver: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VQLWxnhH06bAy7Nlg0xMWwLBmuOrUc_J/view?usp=sharing
  12. This is how @ning enable the LED and InfraRed https://github.com/zhangn1985/linux-stable/commit/eb97929f95b1af3257b74528159a5d55a6409bba Nice @pocosparc Now I know why this device has an battery controller enabled, that's a tablet project I don't want to add pré-compiled files to a linux repo, This way, Wifi fix will need to be an unnoficial patch. I think this patch can be applyed by PR on armbian I just Soldered the SDCard Slot
  13. @Antonio Cahuana Don't need anymore, @ning Build the JianPian Tv-Box and I use it to Bring the board UP on Kernel 6.6
  14. I'm thinking about buyng an RK3528 Shit box, but X88 pro 13 just have 10/100M Ethernet RJ45 port
  15. ########################### EMMC: V1.2 ning Release Version ########################### @ning Thank you for your Job! I'm bring this H96MAX Board UP based on your BoardConfig! Board Bring UP! PR: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/6494 Repo: https://github.com/hqnicolas/build/tree/main Wifi Driver: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VQLWxnhH06bAy7Nlg0xMWwLBmuOrUc_J/view?usp=sharing 8gb RAM SDCard = Tested 8gb RAM Emmc = Tested Kernel Versions: longterm: 6.6.27, 2024-04-13 longterm: 6.1.86, 2024-04-13 How to flash: Same as V1.1 Armbian 24.5.0 Server Minimal V1.2 Latest Armbian 24.5.0 Desktop Cinnamon V1.2 Latest Debian 12 BookWorm Server Minimal v1.2 Latest Debian 12 BookWorm Desktop Cinnamon v1.2 Latest
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