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  1. Hi all. First I'd like to thanks @Ukhellfire for his work to support this board. I'm using his (?) desktop build of armbian, but just found a kind of odd problem. My use case is very simple, as I mainly use the board as kind of remote serial console server. I don't need the desktop environment so I just disabled it with a systemctl disable lightdm and everything seemed fine. But as soon as I turned off the TV where the board is connected, CPU usage went to ~50% and "top" showed this: 248 root -51 0 0 0 0 R 52.8 0.0 86:15.97 irq/46-6000000 it seems that irq 46 is related the the HDMI: ls /proc/irq/46/ 6000000.hdmi affinity_hint dw-hdmi-cec effective_affinity effective_affinity_list node smp_affinity smp_affinity_list spurious If I boot the board without a HDMI connection everything seems fine.... So the problem only happens when the HDMI is connected and the tv/monitor is off! I can live with it, but may be bother someone else, so I'm reporting it. On a side note, what is the expected load average when the board is on, but doing nothing? I'm getting a constant load around 1.10.
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