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    TX6 design summary and of course new release.
    Today was the day I decided to promote the TX6 as a my main native ARM development center. This brought some improvements and I finally decided to open it. There were no screws, just plastic snaps.

    It seems that the manufacturer tried to improve the thermal characteristics of this device. On the right side: a flat metal block and a plastic mass.
    At first I removed them but to my surprise the temperatures were worse. So this thermal bridge helps somehow.
    The next step was to drill a few holes at the bottom and turn the box upside down (which meant putting it back in its "right" position). I also included some new rubber feet on the "new" bottom.
    The box is cooler now, but the idle CPU temperature remains the same (it's better under load and the temperature returns to normal very quickly when the load is gone). So probably the TX6 design is not as flawed as I thought and the high temperature must be for some other reason.

    I've managed also to enable installation on the eMMC storage: the installer works now without errors and uboot's DTS was updated in bit different manner (from Aarch DTS patches).
    The speed is not great:

    Images are being uploaded:
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    Thank you and success.
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