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  1. @Giuseppe Di Resta You must verify Armbian build logs in output/debug if I remember correctly. Probably some patches are incompatible with the newer kernel you are using. You can manually force kernel to 5.15.24 or adjust/remove the incompatible ones. Patches related to DTB / DTS are usually critically important for the stable behavior. Unfortunately Kernel 5.17 (some may be back-ported to newer 5.15.x at this time) brings many breaking changes to these options and it would require to completely rework them and test them a lot.
  2. Hi @Marcio Torres I have committed tutorial how to install the OS for Tanix TX6 here: review Link to the TX6 images repo is in the review. You can skip the part about installing HyperHDR if you don't need it. I use the undervoltage image variant (console) for a quite long time and it is stable so far. Installed on eMMC using armbian-config.
  3. Reaching over 90C indicates that probably there is something wrong with the CPU governor. In modern 5.15 when 85C for H6 is reached then almost instantly hard CPU throttling occurs (you can observe temperature and CPU frequency in htop). Temperate over 85C like 86C (the max I reached) could happen only for a moment and only under very heavy load.
  4. After few days of heavy testing, "undervoltage" version installed on eMMC seems stable. Since I do a lot of builds where all the cores are used, I switch to 1.3GHz using armbian-config and replace the stock heatsink with an SSD heatsink (3 x times in size, same height). It's enough for 20 minutes of continues building without any throttling, then after that time it's slowly going down to 800MHz. Because it only takes 25 minutes to build from scratch (we do it only once) and re-building after changes are just around minute or two, I'm perfectly fine with that.
  5. @Pic55 These are the same errors as earlier: now they disappear so fast that I didn't notice them too. I just uploaded new experimental undervoltage image to the release (switch voltage table designed for better CPU batch). Seems safe jugging by some old alternative patches but can't guarantee it. As a "side-effect" 1.8GHz works now. Still need to test it in long-term.
  6. TX6 design summary and of course new release. Today was the day I decided to promote the TX6 as a my main native ARM development center. This brought some improvements and I finally decided to open it. There were no screws, just plastic snaps. It seems that the manufacturer tried to improve the thermal characteristics of this device. On the right side: a flat metal block and a plastic mass. At first I removed them but to my surprise the temperatures were worse. So this thermal bridge helps somehow. The next step was to drill a few holes at the bottom and turn the box upside down (which meant putting it back in its "right" position). I also included some new rubber feet on the "new" bottom. The box is cooler now, but the idle CPU temperature remains the same (it's better under load and the temperature returns to normal very quickly when the load is gone). So probably the TX6 design is not as flawed as I thought and the high temperature must be for some other reason. I've managed also to enable installation on the eMMC storage: the installer works now without errors and uboot's DTS was updated in bit different manner (from Aarch DTS patches). The speed is not great: Images are being uploaded: https://github.com/awawa-dev/build/releases/tag/v2022.03.08
  7. Not yet, but these errors are unrelated because they are happen at the old host SD system before booting new system from eMMC.
  8. @Pic55 after creating a backup I tried to install on eMMC. But the system doesn't boot from eMMC, starting from SD is still working. During installation using armbian-config there are some errors: sed: can't read /mnt/nand-sata-install.yi7VMe/bootfs/boot/boot.cmd: No such file or directory sed: can't read /mnt/nand-sata-install.yi7VMe/bootfs/boot/boot.cmd: No such file or directory grep: /mnt/nand-sata-install.yi7VMe/bootfs/boot/armbianEnv.txt: No such file or directory /mnt/nand-sata-install.yi7VMe/bootfs is empty
  9. No, I didn't install system on eMMC. I've got some other TV boxes that are tested for my HyperHDR project as Rpi 4 replacement. Rpi doesn't have eMMC and I want to provide them equal chances (and I don't want to break them if something with eMMC goes wrong , maybe later). BTW so far Rpi4 USB3.0 handling/bandwidth is no match for them...probably tvboxes' USB3.0 drivers are inferior. CPU/Thermal handling is very tricky on H6. For example: one of Armbian patches that should improve CPU's temps is introducing massive instability in fact (it can be observed in dmesg after some time). Despite CPU temps in valid range. So now I'm very cautious when it comes to modify related things.
  10. According to linux-sunxi.org TX6 was designed for 1.5ghz. I think 1.7ghz is already too much due to very poor ventilation and I was rather considering downclocking Maybe some alternative solution could be possible like script to modifying DTB after the installation (decompiling DTB, changing voltage/max speed, compile it again).
  11. @PiotrO Your output is identical to mine, so you are probably right about pull-up resistors. On the case I have only: Model TX6-P @Pic55 Yes, with current chromium version there is an issue with a GPU:
  12. What's in the dmesg when you activate openvfd in my fork? The dmesg output is different than on 5.17? Just to be sure: did you enabled that service before running it? 5.17 introduces some breaking changes in DT for our board and as jernej noted still could have some bugs. Settings for Tanix TX6 are generic and taken from vfd homepage https://github.com/arthur-liberman/vfd-configurations/blob/master/tanix-tx6-allwinner-h6-vfd.conf I didn't open my box so don't know its board revision.
  13. In latest 5.15.25 build I imported your SPDIF patch from LibreElec link . Is it active already or sound-spdif /spdif_out need to be "okey"?
  14. My repo is back. With new release of course Bump Kernel to new 5.15.25 and include all valid for us LibreElec patches after their review. https://github.com/awawa-dev/build/releases/tag/v2022.02.24 The fork is now linked to armbian:master and it is ahead by 1 commit that contains all my changes. It will be easy to refresh origin with future Armbian upstream changes. Unfortunately for us tvboxes have a low priority for mainline development: few patches that are included in Armbian probably for other SCBs, prevent Tanix TX6 from booting or they are causing unstable behavior so I needed to exclude them. So that board needs to have its own patch repository (99% armbian patches included and most of LibreElec).
  15. @danboid If that driver works then probably can be integrated in build script. My repo will be offline for few days: I want to switch fork to mainline Armbian and apply my changes to it. I will be much easier in future to track all the changes in official Armbian releases.
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