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  1. That not entirely true. H265 a h264 acceleration in Debian image not working. Ubuntu I did not tested yet.
  2. Hi everybody. Du you know if the power consumption as multimedia player and most of the time idle will be higher on orange pi 4 lts or raspberry 4? Have both boards but one is built in project and other want to build on different project.. But thinking about swapping them if the orange pi will have better power consumption. And in question can't take both and measure that by my self.... Because can't disconect the primary project (multimedia/tv/nas station)...only for short time when I will du the swap if it will be needed.
  3. Hm.. Why you pick only part of my sentens and getting it out of contex? I amsvered the question in second part of that sentences.
  4. Sorry for misunderstanding. I did not complain. I just state the fact and houpet that somebody will tell me otherwise. It lays in my desk for few months so... It will lays more, no trouble... I did play meanwhile with other boards and other projects. If I take the board in cli most of the stuff works OK. It's pitti that the developer/manufacturer of the board dit not provide at least some working kernel (even old) ... But I did not get answer to the h265 so I thing it's not that easy to get it working... If even on orange pi kernel it's not working.
  5. Hi all I was tested the last image orangepi xfce 5.16 kernel released few dais back in orangepi web. But I was therified... The usage of its is 0, worst experience even whit compare to old rpi zero with desktop test. There I think is broken wifi can't conect to 2.4ghz 40mhz wide (20mhz is OK). And my question is, is there any usable kernel right now that has working h265 hw decode? Because in the last opi image it was impossible to play it even on sw. I have tride default player in opi image and vlc. I have plans for this board I want swap for rpi4 in multimedia home center, because lower powerconsumotion.. But still not usable... I thin more months to wait now... :-(
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