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  1. I already set static ip for my board. But on Kitty I get connection error. Later I send error screen.
  2. Sorry for my stupid question. If I connect by TTL to USB adapter, after setting up login/password, terminal is freezing. Board is Nanopi NOE2. I think this is due to the fact that my adapter is warm or not of poor quality. While I order a new one, is there a way to enable ssh access over the lan network?
  3. Can you confirm that, on Openwrt GPIO breaked to? I can't get to work GPIO pins for USB. It's depends linux kernel?
  4. Hi all. I'm new, so don't hit too hard. I'm interested in how the NAS Dock for NanoPi Neo2 is defined in the system. I want to install OpenWRT, because I need a NanoPi based router. Armbian seems to me too complicated for such tasks. If you put OpenWRT on NEO2, then NAS Dock is not detected in the system. At that time Armbian determines, I can easily open the HDD or connect devices to the dock's USB port. Please tell me. Which module or driver is responsible for the dock to be defined in the system? The Openwrt forum has not yet been able to help me, so I'm writing here. Help as you can.
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