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  1. Update : Nevermind. Restarted the odroid, did it again, and it worked fine.
  2. Hi ! I recently got an Odroid HC4. I am following the guide (https://www.armbian.com/odroid-hc4/) to install Armbian 22.05 Bullseye on it. But I have some problems and I dont know how to do.. So my problems is actually this part : "Create a file in /etc/fancontrol with the following content: INTERVAL=10 DEVPATH=hwmon0=devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0 hwmon2=devices/platform/pwm-fan DEVNAME=hwmon0=cpu_thermal hwmon2=pwmfan FCTEMPS=hwmon2/pwm1=hwmon0/temp1_input FCFANS= hwmon2/pwm1=hwmon2/fan1_input MINTEMP=hwmon2/pwm1=50 MAXTEMP=hwmon2/pwm1=60 MINSTART=hwmon2/pwm1=20 MINSTOP=hwmon2/pwm1=28 MINPWM=hwmon2/pwm1=0 MAXPWM=hwmon2/pwm1=255 followed by: sudo systemctl restart fancontrol" I made this file (see screenshot). Then I run the command, and I got an error : And this I was is shown when I type the command "systemctl status fancontrol;service" :
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