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  1. Hi @Tiago Tavares Rodrigues Try this: - exclude all partitions on your sdcard; - create one partitiion included all disk space; - format this partition to FAT32; - go to balena and burn multiboot image.
  2. @jock I tried ffmpeg from 1s post (install_media.tgz) and works good for decoding.. Tried to compile ffmpeg for encoding but cant make it work... should be those libreelec patches you said.. Now I made attempt for gstreamer.. but its not easy for me.. this is why asked for help..
  3. Hey @fabiobassa It is for decoding and maybe encoding videos... gstreamer is like ffmpeg.... good tool for recording, streaming, etc
  4. Hey @jock Is possible to bring us gstreamer to legacy kernel from here? We need gstreamer-rockchip and gstreamer-rockchip-extra for working... I made a attempt to compile but always get some erros: git clone https://github.com/JeffyCN/mirrors.git -b gstreamer-rockchip cd gstreamer-rockchip mkdir build meson build cd build ninja ninja install ../gst/rkximage/ximagesink.c:882:54: warning: unused parameter ‘usec’ [-Wunused-parameter] 882 | sync_handler (gint fd, guint frame, guint sec, guint usec, gpointer data) | ~~~~~~^~~~ ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed. ../gst/rkximage/ximagesink.c:452:13: error: ‘GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_NV12_10LE40’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_NV12_10LE32’? 452 | fmt = GST_VIDEO_FORMAT_NV12_10LE40; Thanks a lot!!!
  5. Hello, I wanna test Armbian x86 on virtual machine. Is possible to convert its img file to some format (vdi or vmdk) and boot on Virtualbox? I made a attempt but it wont boot.. VBoxManage.exe convertfromraw --format VDI armbian.img ambian.vdi Thx a lot
  6. Hey @Vittorio Mori If you need only H265 decoding, try this: Focal Legacy 4.4.194 https://users.armbian.com/jock/rk322x/armbian/stable/ @jock 's media framework ffmpeg -decoders |grep mpp V..... h264_rkmpp h264 (rkmpp) (codec h264) V..... hevc_rkmpp hevc (rkmpp) (codec hevc) V..... vp8_rkmpp vp8 (rkmpp) (codec vp8) V..... vp9_rkmpp vp9 (rkmpp) (codec vp9) For testing: wget https://test-videos.co.uk/vids/bigbuckbunny/mp4/h265/1080/Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.mp4 mv Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.mp4 Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_h265.mp4 ffmpeg -benchmark -loglevel debug -hwaccel drm -hwaccel_device /dev/dri/renderD128 -c:v hevc_rkmpp -i Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_h265.mp4 -f null - VP8, VP9 and H265 works H264 not working.. Encoding is not working... ffmpeg -encoders |grep mpp
  7. Hey @jock I'm planning to use rk322x-box on streaming project... I'm testing Armbian 21.08.8 Focal with legacy kernel... install_media.tgz installed I want to use ffmpeg on my project.. so I checked somes features.. ffmpeg -decoders |grep mpp V..... h264_rkmpp h264 (rkmpp) (codec h264) V..... hevc_rkmpp hevc (rkmpp) (codec hevc) V..... vp8_rkmpp vp8 (rkmpp) (codec vp8) V..... vp9_rkmpp vp9 (rkmpp) (codec vp9 ffmpeg -encoders |grep mpp no output.. no encoders... Downloaded some samples to test mkdir bbb cd bbb wget https://test-videos.co.uk/vids/bigbuckbunny/mp4/h264/1080/Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.mp4 mv Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.mp4 Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_h264.mp4 wget https://test-videos.co.uk/vids/bigbuckbunny/mp4/h265/1080/Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.mp4 mv Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.mp4 Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_h265.mp4 wget https://test-videos.co.uk/vids/bigbuckbunny/webm/vp8/1080/Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.webm mv Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.webm Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_vp8.webm wget https://test-videos.co.uk/vids/bigbuckbunny/webm/vp9/1080/Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.webm mv Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB.webm Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_vp9.webm Here is my decoders tests... VP8 ffmpeg -c:v vp8_rkmpp -i Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_vp8.webm -benchmark -f null - frame= 300 fps= 51 q=-0.0 Lsize=N/A time=00:00:10.16 bitrate=N/A speed=1.72x video:120kB audio:0kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: unknown bench: utime=0.924s stime=0.676s rtime=5.970s bench: maxrss=32212kB VP9 ffmpeg -c:v vp9_rkmpp -i Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_vp9.webm -benchmark -f null - frame= 300 fps= 72 q=-0.0 Lsize=N/A time=00:00:10.26 bitrate=N/A speed=2.48x video:120kB audio:0kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: unknown mpp[5929]: hal_vp9d_api: hal_vp9d_flush in mpp[5929]: hal_vp9d_api: hal_vp9d_reset in bench: utime=1.256s stime=0.880s rtime=4.184s bench: maxrss=34360kB H264 ffmpeg -c:v h264_rkmpp -i Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_h264.mp4 -benchmark -f null - Error while decoding stream #0:0: Resource temporarily unavailablepeed=0.977x Last message repeated 78 times Error while decoding stream #0:0: Resource temporarily unavailablepeed=0.682x Last message repeated 112 times Error while decoding stream #0:0: Resource temporarily unavailablepeed=0.518x Last message repeated 65 times ^Came= 34 fps=0.1 q=-0.0 size=N/A time=00:00:01.13 bitrate=N/A speed=0.00282x Not working...Too slow.. freeze sometimes H265 ffmpeg -c:v hevc_rkmpp -i Big_Buck_Bunny_1080_10s_30MB_h265.mp4 -benchmark -f null - frame= 300 fps= 65 q=-0.0 Lsize=N/A time=00:00:10.16 bitrate=N/A speed=2.22x video:120kB audio:0kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: unknown bench: utime=1.688s stime=1.052s rtime=4.621s bench: maxrss=35472kB VP8, VP9 and H265 seems ok My questions... How to use hardware encoding? How to fix H264 hardware decoding? Thx a lot!
  8. Hey... I think this is expected... From the 1st page: "Full GPU acceleration on legacy kernel, mainline kernel has lima driver compiled in but X11 is very slow - you are still free to compile and install mali kernel driver on mainline yourself." You could try to install jock's media package and then test videos on Kodi..
  9. Hey @Menos_16.. for me is always better test docker on terminal.. make sure its working fine then move on portainer or rancher..
  10. All right.. We got our own topic for Docker talking 😁
  11. @Bandar Yeah.. your docker is not ok...maybe you could try another rom..
  12. I was imagining something like that... Thanks @jock
  13. Hey @jock @fabiobassa I just installed an Android 8.1 on other box.. I know its an Armbian forum but I'm curious about your experience.. I want to use an usb bluetooth dongle (CSR 4.0) but seems there is no builtin driver... Is it possible to compile the driver like this example on Android? https://www.reddit.com/r/AnnePro/comments/e76ij8/csr_40_bluetooth_dongle_on_linux/ Thanks!!
  14. Hey @Bandar Idk CasaOS but should try a simple test like this docker pull hello-world docker run hello-world Hello from Docker! This message shows that your installation appears to be working correctly. To generate this message, Docker took the following steps: 1. The Docker client contacted the Docker daemon. 2. The Docker daemon pulled the "hello-world" image from the Docker Hub. (arm32v7) 3. The Docker daemon created a new container from that image which runs the executable that produces the output you are currently reading. 4. The Docker daemon streamed that output to the Docker client, which sent it to your terminal. To try something more ambitious, you can run an Ubuntu container with: $ docker run -it ubuntu bash Share images, automate workflows, and more with a free Docker ID: https://hub.docker.com/ For more examples and ideas, visit: https://docs.docker.com/get-started/
  15. Hey @Bandar it was out the box installation.. it's installed from docker respository like this: curl -fsSL https://download.docker.com/linux/debian/gpg | sudo apt-key add - add-apt-repository "deb [arch=armhf] https://download.docker.com/linux/debian $(lsb_release -cs) stable" apt-get install docker-ce systemctl start docker systemctl status docker curl -L https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/v2.3.0/docker-compose-linux-armv7 -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose docker --version Docker version 20.10.16, build aa7e414 docker-compose --version Docker Compose version v2.3.0
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