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  1. And after some test on USB flash : - WIFI : OK - ETH : OK - IR : OK - BT : OK - CPU : High temperature (65°C), box heating a lot .... USB powering ?
  2. Ok, I tried some test. - Good news : I start Armbian on USB Drive !!! - Bad news : On SD card, Armbian doesn't start !!! Please see the 2 logs, have you and Idea ? ==> Before each test, I reflash the stock firmware before flash Armbian ==> But in fact, my test revealed there is no really importance ==> The USB drive could be start Armbian on USB2 port, but also on the USB3 port ... ArmbianBootUSB.log ArmbianBootSD.log
  3. Thanks for your answer ^^ It's a learning opportunity for me, I like this kind of challenge ... And I'm not user of Arch Linux ... I'm definitevely a Debian user ! I will try your recommendation.
  4. I'm trying the Manjaro distribution .... It start !!! (meson-sm1-x96-air.dtb) So, the .img it a little different .... - First, I tried to use the Manjaro meson-sm1-x96-air.dtb on Armbian : Failed, with same issue reboot in loop - 2nD, I tried to replace le linux main partition from Manjaro img with the Armbian one (Keep the Manjaro boot partition) : Failed, I have the Manjaro boot logo but ... that's all .....
  5. Mmmh I see 3 potential problems : First : 2nd : And the third : After that, U-Boot seems to restart ....
  6. There is clearly a bad things on the sdcard ... I think the real problem is here : ## Error: "bootfromsd" not defined reading boot_android ** Unable to read file boot_android ** ** Bad device usb 0 **
  7. Ok so, I connect the debug UART. But I can't what I think about the result (Joined to this post) .... Is it here where I have to post the log ? or there is another one more adapted ? multiboot_magicsee_n5plus.log
  8. On other box, I found this connection, I will try it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSuFVntxRg0
  9. Is it the same pins on all S905X3 ? I have 2 connectors : - 1 with 4 pins (closed to AV and SPDIF connectors) - 1with 2x12 pins (External Flash ? same on all S905X3 ?)
  10. Bad news ... I made a dtb rirectly from the box... And always the same result 😢
  11. I'm trying 4 dtb based on sm1, but without success ... I will try to understand the dtb (dts) construction and to try to create mine .... Is there any log somewhere to now what is bad on sdcard boot ?
  12. You're right, I just saw it this morning ... So I tried the only sm1 one : meson-sm1-sei610.dtb ... But with the same result ... On other post, I find other .dtb to try this evening : Tanix TX5 Plus Deluxe(with external antenna) - need to combine 2 dtbs - General Chat - Armbian Community Forums
  13. Ok, thanks for your feedback. I will try different dtb so. I used meson-g12a-x96-max only because the hardware is similar to mine... Not on successfull report from other user.
  14. Ok, so I made some test, with the toothpick : - 1s or 2s : Start the Android system - 5s/10s or more (without armbian boot sdcard inserted) : Start recovey system - 5s/10s or more (with armbian boot sdcard inserted) : The LED of box is blinking Red 1s, Blue 3s (No screen, I think it reset 1s every 3s). After that, impossible to start the box ... with or without toothpick ... The only way to start android is .... to remove sdcard !!! And it is very strange, now the box can't boot with sdcard inside .... I wipe the cache to recover normal function (Standard boot, even if sdcard is inserted)
  15. Yes, box start Android correctly. I will try different time.
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