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  1. Is there a command to load this splash screen that shows when I open a new session? Also is there a way I can show the storage availability/temperature for the second hard drive? I think the current setting only shows information for the drive on /sda but i need info for drive on /sdb
  2. I see a lot of tutorials online and they all have seems to have different ways of going about making a share and it seems most of them are logged into a user as opposed to root. I'm logged in to root through ssh so that might the the cause of many of my issues I believe. I did a simple apt install samba and it seems to be running fine. I see other tutorials recommending you install "smbclient" and "cifs-utils", is that necessary? Some of the tutorials also say to add user groups and to add settings to the firewall. I'm just using 1 user and don't have any firewalls installed, unless armbian comes with one by default. I think my my service is running fine though. When I run 'sudo systemctl status smbd' it says "active (running)" in green. I can open the sbc on the network and view the shared folders, I cannot access them however. Also the sbc does not show up when I click network on windows explorer, it will however open if i type in the ip/name manually on run or the open bar, not sure if that matters. I did create a new user and gave it a samba password (mouse) I did chown the folder to the user and chmod 777. Here's the what comes up when i ls -al in the root directory where the folder i'm trying to share is located: drwxrwxrwx 3 mouse root 4096 Jun 5 09:25 testfolder Here's my smb.conf [testfolder] comment = Test Folder path = /root/testfolder browseable = yes read only = no writable = yes guest ok = no force user = mouse create mask = 0777 directory mark = 0777 On path I did /root/testfolder instead of /testfolder because I also mounted a hard drive inside that folder. When I tried mapping a drive to fstab using the directory /testfolder , it kept giving me an error about folder not existing or something, but when I typed /root/testfolder , it correctly mounted the drive. I also tried using the /testfolder on the smb config and it doesn't work either. These folders structures are REALLY confusing. When I ls -al in root don't see any folders like mnt var etc I only see the "testfolder" i created and a few folders starting with a period like .bashrc .... Where are the other folders located? in /root/etc ? Here's the error I get when trying to access my folder.
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