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  1. I have a wifi provider that I can connect to with nmtui. If I connect another interface (usb wifi) ping www.google.com times out until I delete and recreate the wifi connection. Fresh install, no changes beyond new hostname and one new user. ETA same result if connect/disconnect ethernet
  2. It's a direct ethernet connection. No hardware between rpi and windoze.
  3. Systemctl says sshd is running. Ping request (from Windoze to times out. Nothing in /var/log/auth.log about ssh, but I guess that's expected.
  4. nmcli states eth0 is connected on but putty times out with 'connection refused'. Relevant screenshots attached. Many thanks in advance for any help Joe
  5. Here it is specified as required but is not made clear how to obtain or set it. Specifically, how is it different from 'address' line? Thanks so much Joe
  6. I followed instructions here to expose Jupyter notebook over LAN , which had previously worked on Raspbian. However, on Armbian the browser returns ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. The client is win11. To the best of my knowledge, no firewall (iptables or nftables) is installed. Many thanks for any help Joe ETA: local loopback via lynx (at given IP, not localhost) connects without error
  7. NVM seems to have gone away after reflash. Accepting your solution regardless.
  8. I reflashed the sd after some issues and while firstrun script connected me to service provider wifi without error, the ethernet (currently connected to win11 enterprise) doesn't get an IP. Does windoze need to act as DHCP server? If so, will it clobber the wifi? Conversely, if I set the Pi as DHCP server for strategic reasons, will it clobber Windoze wifi connection? Thanks so much Joe
  9. Right, I got that far. My point is, how do I make the OS require that I enter password every time I 'sudo foo'?
  10. Not that I ever got this working correctly on Raspbian, but how do I go about requiring a password for sudo? I am able to change the password via 'sudo passwd' without error, but I still don't know how to make the system request the password every time I sudo. Thanks so much Joe
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