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  1. Hello. I have a problem with Orange Pi Zero LTS. I also have an expansion board and the required 3.5-jack cable. I have read many different forums and sites where people have described problems with video signal output. Often there are solutions such as: 1. Editing the file /boot/script.bin But this file does not exist. 2. They also talk about the launch of "tv". You need to add an entry to /etc/modules. But that doesn't work either, since ./tvout doesn't exist. As I understand it, in new versions there is no TV support, but there is no way to download old versions either. The latest version that can be downloaded is 5.59, but it also does not support TV. Some people since ~2019-2020 are wondering when this ability will be returned. I have the following questions: 1. Where can I download a version like 5.25 or older? 2. Or is there another way for Armbian to turn on the video signal? 3. Why did the developers remove this function? 4. And why haven't they brought this function back yet? P.S. Sorry for my english
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