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  1. I connected the OrangePi Zero 2 to a serial terminal and I see Armbian is working, but there is no video, is it supposed to work like this? This is the serial output: gH PMIC: aldo2 voltage: 3.300V INFO: PMIC: aldo3 voltage: 3.300V INFO: PMIC: bldo1 voltage: 1.800V INFO: PMIC: dcdcd voltage: 1.500V INFO: PMIC: dcdce voltage: 3.300V INFO: BL31: Platform setup done INFO: BL31: Initializing runtime services INFO: BL31: cortex_a53: CPU workaround for 855873 was applied INFO: BL31: cortex_a53: CPU workaround for 1530924 was applied INFO: PSCI: Suspend is unavailable INFO: BL31: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world INFO: Entry point address = 0x4a000000 INFO: SPSR = 0x3c9 INFO: Changed devicetree. U-Boot 2021.10-armbian (Jun 22 2022 - 07:17:12 +0000) Allwinner Technology CPU: Allwinner H616 (SUN50I) Model: OrangePi Zero2 I2C: ready DRAM: 1 GiB MMC: mmc@4020000: 0 Loading Environment from FAT... Unable to use mmc 0:1... In: serial@5000000 Out: serial@5000000 Err: serial@5000000 Net: phy interface7 eth0: ethernet@5020000 Autoboot in 1 seconds, press <Space> to stop switch to partitions #0, OK mmc0 is current device Scanning mmc 0:1... Found U-Boot script /boot/boot.scr 3202 bytes read in 3 ms (1 MiB/s) ## Executing script at 4fc00000 U-boot loaded from SD Boot script loaded from mmc 207 bytes read in 2 ms (100.6 KiB/s) 23156 bytes read in 5 ms (4.4 MiB/s) 4203 bytes read in 4 ms (1 MiB/s) Applying kernel provided DT fixup script (sun50i-h616-fixup.scr) ## Executing script at 45000000 12989040 bytes read in 538 ms (23 MiB/s) 21868552 bytes read in 905 ms (23 MiB/s) Moving Image from 0x40080000 to 0x40200000, end=41730000 ## Loading init Ramdisk from Legacy Image at 4ff00000 ... Image Name: uInitrd Image Type: AArch64 Linux RAMDisk Image (gzip compressed) Data Size: 12988976 Bytes = 12.4 MiB Load Address: 00000000 Entry Point: 00000000 Verifying Checksum ... OK ## Flattened Device Tree blob at 4fa00000 Booting using the fdt blob at 0x4fa00000 Loading Ramdisk to 4939c000, end 49fff230 ... OK Loading Device Tree to 000000004932e000, end 000000004939bfff ... OK Starting kernel ... Loading, please wait... Starting version 249.11-0ubuntu3.1 Begin: Loading essential drivers ... done. Begin: Running /scripts/init-premount ... done. Begin: Mounting root file system ... Begin: Running /scripts/local-top ... done. Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount ... Scanning for Btrfs filesystems done. Begin: Will now check root file system ... fsck from util-linux 2.37.2 [/usr/sbin/fsck.ext4 (1) -- /dev/mmcblk0p1] fsck.ext4 -a -C0 /dev/mmcblk0p1 /dev/mmcblk0p1: clean, 45963/1106368 files, 433028/3849216 blocks done. done. Begin: Running /scripts/local-bottom ... done. Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ... done. Welcome to Armbian 22.05.3 Jammy! [ OK ] Created slice Slice /system/modprobe. [ OK ] Created slice Slice /system/serial-getty. [ OK ] Created slice User and Session Slice. [ OK ] Started Forward Password R…uests to Wall Directory Watch. [ OK ] Set up automount Arbitrary…s File System Automount Point. [ OK ] Reached target Local Encrypted Volumes. [ OK ] Reached target Slice Units. [ OK ] Reached target Swaps. [ OK ] Reached target System Time Set. [ OK ] Reached target Local Verity Protected Volumes. [ OK ] Listening on RPCbind Server Activation Socket. [ OK ] Listening on Syslog Socket. [ OK ] Listening on fsck to fsckd communication Socket. [ OK ] Listening on initctl Compatibility Named Pipe. [ OK ] Listening on Journal Audit Socket. [ OK ] Listening on Journal Socket (/dev/log). [ OK ] Listening on Journal Socket. [ OK ] Listening on udev Control Socket. [ OK ] Listening on udev Kernel Socket. [ OK ] Reached target Socket Units. Mounting Huge Pages File System... Mounting POSIX Message Queue File System... Mounting NFSD configuration filesystem... Mounting Kernel Debug File System... Starting Restore / save the current clock... Starting Set the console keyboard layout... Starting Create List of Static Device Nodes... Starting Load Kernel Module configfs... Starting Load Kernel Module drm... Starting Load Kernel Module fuse... [ OK ] Started Nameserver information manager. [ OK ] Reached target Preparation for Network. Starting Load Kernel Modules... Starting Remount Root and Kernel File Systems... Starting Coldplug All udev Devices... [ OK ] Mounted Huge Pages File System. [ OK ] Mounted POSIX Message Queue File System. [ OK ] Mounted NFSD configuration filesystem. [ OK ] Mounted Kernel Debug File System. [ OK ] Finished Restore / save the current clock. [ OK ] Finished Create List of Static Device Nodes. [ OK ] Finished Load Kernel Module configfs. [ OK ] Finished Set the console keyboard layout. [ OK ] Finished Load Kernel Module drm. [ OK ] Finished Load Kernel Module fuse. [ OK ] Finished Load Kernel Modules. [ OK ] Finished Remount Root and Kernel File Systems. Mounting FUSE Control File System... Mounting Kernel Configuration File System... Starting Load/Save Random Seed... Starting Apply Kernel Variables... Starting Create System Users... [ OK ] Mounted FUSE Control File System. [ OK ] Mounted Kernel Configuration File System. [ OK ] Finished Apply Kernel Variables. [ OK ] Finished Create System Users. Starting Create Static Device Nodes in /dev... [ OK ] Finished Coldplug All udev Devices. Starting Helper to synchronize boot up for ifupdown... [ OK ] Finished Create Static Device Nodes in /dev. [ OK ] Finished Helper to synchronize boot up for ifupdown. [ OK ] Reached target Preparation for Local File Systems. Mounting /tmp... Starting Rule-based Manage…for Device Events and Files... [ OK ] Mounted /tmp. [ OK ] Reached target Local File Systems. Starting Armbian leds state... Starting Armbian ZRAM config... Starting Set console font and keymap... Starting Raise network interfaces... [ OK ] Finished Set console font and keymap. [ OK ] Finished Armbian leds state. [ OK ] Started Rule-based Manager for Device Events and Files. [ OK ] Found device /dev/ttyS0. [ OK ] Reached target Hardware activated USB gadget. [ OK ] Finished Load/Save Random Seed. [ OK ] Finished Raise network interfaces. [ OK ] Finished Armbian ZRAM config. Starting Armbian memory supported logging... [ OK ] Finished Armbian memory supported logging. Starting Journal Service... [ OK ] Started Journal Service. Starting Flush Journal to Persistent Storage... [ OK ] Finished Flush Journal to Persistent Storage. Starting Create Volatile Files and Directories... [ OK ] Finished Create Volatile Files and Directories. Mounting RPC Pipe File System... [ OK ] Started Entropy Daemon based on the HAVEGE algorithm. Starting RPC bind portmap service... Starting Network Name Resolution... Starting Record System Boot/Shutdown in UTMP... [ OK ] Mounted RPC Pipe File System. [ OK ] Started RPC bind portmap service. [ OK ] Finished Record System Boot/Shutdown in UTMP. [ OK ] Reached target rpc_pipefs.target. [ OK ] Reached target RPC Port Mapper. [ OK ] Reached target System Initialization. [ OK ] Started resolvconf-pull-resolved.path. [ OK ] Started Daily Cleanup of Temporary Directories. [ OK ] Reached target Path Units. [ OK ] Listening on D-Bus System Message Bus Socket. Starting Armbian hardware monitoring... Starting Armbian hardware optimization... Starting pNFS block layout mapping daemon... Starting NFSv4 ID-name mapping service... Starting NFSv4 Client Tracking Daemon... [ OK ] Reached target NFS client services. [ OK ] Reached target Preparation for Remote File Systems. [ OK ] Reached target Remote File Systems. [ OK ] Finished Armbian hardware monitoring. [ OK ] Finished Armbian hardware optimization. [ OK ] Started pNFS block layout mapping daemon. [ OK ] Started NFSv4 Client Tracking Daemon. [ OK ] Reached target Basic System. [ OK ] Started Regular background program processing daemon. [ OK ] Started D-Bus System Message Bus. Starting Network Manager... [ OK ] Started Save initial kernel messages after boot. Starting Remove Stale Onli…t4 Metadata Check Snapshots... Starting LSB: Load kernel …d to enable cpufreq scaling... Starting Dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd... Starting System Logging Service... Starting Self Monitoring a…g Technology (SMART) Daemon... Starting Resets System Activity Logs... Starting User Login Management... Starting WPA supplicant... [ OK ] Started NFSv4 ID-name mapping service. [ OK ] Finished Remove Stale Onli…ext4 Metadata Check Snapshots. [ OK ] Finished Resets System Activity Logs. [ OK ] Started LSB: Load kernel m…ded to enable cpufreq scaling. Starting LSB: set CPUFreq kernel parameters... [ OK ] Started LSB: set CPUFreq kernel parameters. [ OK ] Started System Logging Service. [ OK ] Started Network Name Resolution. [ OK ] Reached target Host and Network Name Lookups. Starting resolvconf-pull-resolved.service... Starting LSB: Set sysfs variables from /etc/sysfs.conf... [ OK ] Started User Login Management. [ OK ] Started WPA supplicant. [ OK ] Started Self Monitoring an…ing Technology (SMART) Daemon. [ OK ] Started LSB: Set sysfs variables from /etc/sysfs.conf. [ OK ] Finished resolvconf-pull-resolved.service. [ OK ] Started Network Manager. [ OK ] Reached target Network. [ OK ] Reached target Network is Online. Starting chrony, an NTP client/server... Starting LSB: Advanced IEEE 802.11 management daemon... Starting NFS Mount Daemon... Starting OpenVPN service... Starting /etc/rc.local Compatibility... Starting NFS status monitor for NFSv2/3 locking.... Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server... Starting Permit User Sessions... [ OK ] Started Unattended Upgrades Shutdown. [ OK ] Started vnStat network traffic monitor. [ OK ] Started LSB: Advanced IEEE 802.11 management daemon. [ OK ] Started NFS Mount Daemon. [ OK ] Finished OpenVPN service. [ OK ] Started /etc/rc.local Compatibility. [ OK ] Started NFS status monitor for NFSv2/3 locking.. [ OK ] Finished Permit User Sessions. Starting NFS server and services... [ OK ] Started Serial Getty on ttyS0. Starting Set console scheme... Starting Hostname Service... [ OK ] Started OpenBSD Secure Shell server. [ OK ] Started chrony, an NTP client/server. [ OK ] Finished Set console scheme. [ OK ] Created slice Slice /system/getty. [ OK ] Reached target System Time Synchronized. [ OK ] Started Daily apt download activities. [ OK ] Started Daily apt upgrade and clean activities. [ OK ] Started Daily dpkg database backup timer. [ OK ] Started Periodic ext4 Onli…ata Check for All Filesystems. [ OK ] Started Discard unused blocks once a week. [ OK ] Started Daily rotation of log files. [ OK ] Started Daily man-db regeneration. [ OK ] Started Run system activit…ounting tool every 10 minutes. [ OK ] Started Generate summary o…esterday's process accounting. [ OK ] Reached target Timer Units. [ OK ] Started Getty on tty1. [ OK ] Reached target Login Prompts. [ OK ] Started Hostname Service. [ OK ] Finished NFS server and services. Starting Notify NFS peers of a restart... [ OK ] Started Notify NFS peers of a restart. [ OK ] Listening on Load/Save RF …itch Status /dev/rfkill Watch. [ OK ] Started Dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd. [ OK ] Reached target Multi-User System. [ OK ] Reached target Graphical Interface. Starting Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service... Starting Record Runlevel Change in UTMP... [ OK ] Finished Record Runlevel Change in UTMP. [ OK ] Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service. Armbian 22.05.3 Jammy ttyS0 orangepizero2 login:
  2. I have tried many Armbian images with my orange zero 2 but the best I get is the Armbian logo. Can anyone tell me if there is something else does need to be done? With the images from the orangepi page the board works fine, so is not the hardware apparently. Thanks.
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