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  1. # my console output, using Adoptium JDK package root@localhost:~# cd /root/jdk8u332-b09/bin/ root@localhost:~/jdk8u332-b09/bin# ls appletviewer idlj java-rmi.cgi javap jdeps jjs jsadebugd keytool policytool schemagen unpack200 clhsdb jar javac jcmd jfr jmap jstack native2ascii rmic serialver wsgen extcheck jarsigner javadoc jconsole jhat jps jstat orbd rmid servertool wsimport hsdb java javah jdb jinfo jrunscript jstatd pack200 rmiregistry tnameserv xjc root@localhost:~/jdk8u332-b09/bin# ./java -bash: ./java: No such file or directory When I'm running "ls " command the java shows up; But when I execute it, the file can't be executed.
  2. I have a board(nanopi r4s with rk3399 and 4g ram) and I want to run a minecraft server on it. (with adoptopenjdk arm64) After flashing the SD image I have the following problems: I can't find the IP address of my board through the IP finding tool. (unable to ssh to my system) # This happened on many OSes, including Debian OS in my VM $ ls ./ . .. java (many other files) $ ./java bash: ./java: No such file or directory Something must went wrong... How to plug the network cable? There are 2 ETH ports on the board. The first one has a "WAN" on it. Another one has a "LAN" on it. (scroll down) |= | WAN internet ---------WAN- router -|= LAN ======= ?? ======== Nanopi r4s |= | LAN
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