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  1. Ok, it's playing nicer now.. not sure what fixed it, but I will come back later if need be
  2. Hi all! I just received a NanoPi R4S, and I got a 128GB microSDXC for it. I loaded the rk3399-sd-friendlywrt-21.02-20220721 image onto it using win32diskimager. I put the SD card in, plugged in a USB-C, and let it setup for a few minutes. When it seemed ready, I plugged my laptop into the LAN port and went to its page. I logged in, all looked good. After setting a password, I tried changing some of the LAN and WAN settings, and the page stopped loading. I waited, but nothing happened. As as how I couldn't give a proper shutdown command, I disconnected the power and plugged back in. The NanoPi then booted, but the Sys light kept blinking green twice, paused, then blinked twice again. It just kept doing this. I then unplugged, took out the SD card, formatted the card, then reloaded the image. I out the SD card back into the NanoPi, but it does the Sys blinking cycle I described. I then got a 16gb microSDHC card, loaded the image, then put the card into the NanoPi. Sadly, it still only gives the same blinking Sys light cycle. It's been going 10 minutes now, well beyond the 2–3 minutes the documentation states for setup. I plugged into the LAN port just to see if it's working but just blinking, and no, it's not doing anything. I don't have the WiFi dongle plugged in. Any advice on how to get past this Sys blinking cycle and have LAN/FriendlyWRT work again?
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