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  1. Hello, This may seem simple for you, and I feel stupid for asking, but I'm not sure how to install the driver provided by KeeTouch, the touch screen provider, on my OrangePi One. This is the driver provided, but there is no instruction on how to install it. https://keetouch.eu/files/drivers/saw/linux/linuxupdd4.1.11.tgz The screen is a keetouch kot-170c-us-sa4bcw accoustic wave touch screen, connected by USB for the touch screen and HDMI to DVI to the OrangePi. The OrangePi One (H3) is on Armbian 22.05 Jammy XFCE and has nothing installed yet, the touch screen is first order of buisness. I have searched for a while but I'm not exactly sure where to start, my mind is more used to troubleshoot this kind of hardware on Windows rather than linux. This is just a hobby project. http://pcso.qc.to/1.webp Thank you for your help!
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