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  1. a while back I created my own Armbian environment for the Orange PI Pc that uses Xstart to run a custom .exe I created. the Program uses Uart to communicate with an external Pic chip. the program has been running well and have not had any problems with it. I created a .img of the environment and have been disabusing copies. however recently ( about 2 months after ) I have been told that some of them have been crashing and digging into it I noticed is was Uart communication failing. A temporary solution has been replacing the SD card with a new one but this does not fix the issue of this happening in the first place. I have attached the Uboot of both the failing program and working one. any help is greatly appreciated, thank you. here is the U boot for the program that is failing here is the U boot for the working Program. note on line 45-52 where it shows uart being applied.
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