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  1. Thanks @jock @Aapo Tahkola, those pins are really UART 😁 I tried at first, but I didn't realize it was a broken adapter. I bought a new TTL adapter and it works. --- armbian dailybuild burnd into emmc works well, this is good enough for me. sdcard boot failed with RKPARM: Invalid parameter part table Could not find "misc" partition avb_ab_flow.c:99: ERROR: Error reading A/B metadata. avb_ab_flow.c:178: ERROR: I/O error while loading A/B metadata. Can not load metadata --- for anyone who also meet this board android_log.txt jammy_current_cli_202235_emmc_boot_ok.txt jammy_current_cli_202235_sdcard_boot_failed.txt
  2. @jock thanks for your quick reply. I have tried but no lucky eth network seems not work in armbian, I can't find ip addr in router. the ip addr assigned in Multitool is not reachable after boot to armbian. the last way is cut off some function and compile img and try ? --- Great 🎉🎉🎉
  3. Hi @jock, thank you for your wonderful work. I got a T9 box, which like @Matteo Venturi's box in comment, but a 2GB+16GB cheaper one. Multitool works good, backup, restore even eth netwrok works well (I can ping, apt update..), But the real system can not boot, whether SD Card or burned into emmc. The cpu is warm, screen shows nothing. I can't find the UART port, how can I debug this? Thank you. --- PCB mark: T9-RK3328-8X4-20190109-V1.7
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